April 19, 2024

MidPoint Pictures

The development of MidPoints as a dimension of sophisticated astrological analysis is a most creative effort to extend the innate symbolism of the astrological portrait.

With MidPoints, we are compounding synthesis: one planet is related to the essence of two others. For example, the essence of the Sun and the Moon , related to each other, is “relationship” (Male/Female; and also the drive of life with Sun as life-energy and Moon as reigning need). The midpoint between the two symbols invites synthesis of those two symbols, whether or not they are in established aspect to each other.

When a third planet aspects this midpoint strongly (only the conjunction, square, opposition -semisquare and sesquiquadrate apply, really), some other dimension combines to modify, affect, enhance, challenge the essence of relationships.

Natally, it is safe to say that any planet so aspecting the Sun/Moon midpoint can easily dominate the developmental life-system because the Sun/Moon essence is so fundamental and far-reaching. Only the so-called “hard” aspects are relevant, basically, with a rec9ommended orb of 2 to 2.5 degrees, not much more; and the three-planet synthesis is written as an equation: X=Sun/Moon, the “equals” sign connoting the hard aspect, and the slash between the planets connoting midpoint. -This is international astrological descriptive protocol.

It is easy to appreciate that Barbara Hutton, the multimillionaire heiress to the Woolworth fortune and so often linked to marital scandals in and out of her seven marriages, had natally Venus=Sun/Moon, with Venus ruling her 7th and her 2nd !

David Copperfield, the extraordinary illusionist (with a 12th House peregrine Virgo Sun) has Node(public)=Sun/Moon (and Neptune=Pluto/MC; “other worldliness, etc.). Immediately, your “feel” for synthesis is alerted to an extraordinary mixture of outreach and withdrawal. When you look further in his horoscope, you find that Neptune rules his 7th, and synthesis begins to bloom!; Copperfield born September 16, 1956 at 6:02 A.M., EST in Metuchen, NJ.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Norman Schwarzkopf have Asc=Sun/Moon -and there is no greater measurement for seeking the limelight, an open, demanding relationship to the world.

St. Bernadette, as far as we know had Saturn=Sun/Moon. -Fascinating, isn’t it!? John F. Kennedy has the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune=Sun/Moon. Hmmm.

Strong transits (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to conjunction with or square to the Sun/Moon midpoint location will almost always represent a time period when marriage/relationship is jarred.

And of course there are many more MidPoint pictures: every planetary (including Ascendant and Midheaven here) has a midpoint relationship with every other planet and midpoint.

The best way to tabulate all the midpoints is through your software’s “90-degree Midpoint sort”: from zero to 29.59 you will get all midpoint locations in Cardinal Signs; from 30 to 59.59, all midpoint locations in Fixed Signs; from 60 to 89.59, all in Mutable signs. You will see at a glance any natal planet related to any midpoint by the fourth harmonic. You will have many pictures, approximately 10 or 12 for each horoscope. [Use an orb 2 degrees or less.]

Pick the MidPoint pictures that depart (or extend) from the initial overview analysis you have made of the horoscope. Give special attention to the ones that relate outer planets and inner planets. For example, Marilyn Monroe has Pluto=Venus/Uranus (exhibitionism, notoriety, etc), Sun/Moon (“power relationships”), Mars/MC (publicity, etc.), Mer/Nep (“Instincts supporting the power drive”)!

Shirley Temple (Black) [Born April 23, 1928 at 9:00 PM in Santa Monica, CA.] was the most famous movie star of all time, known throughout the world beyond any other personage. Her enormous success occurred between the ages of 5 and 9 (SA Mars=MC, Plu=Jup(ruling Asc), Ven=Jup; MC=Uranus, Pluto=Mercury (ruling 10th and 7th)!!!!!!

Her natal MidPoint pictures are colossally on target: Ura=Mer/MC “Making a sensation, great confidence”; Plu=Mer/MC “power picture of persuasion”; Jup=Mer/Ven “artistic achievement”; Nep=Moon/Mer “active imagination”; Asc=Nep/MC “living in a different realm”; AP (Aries Point)= Moon in 29 Gemini, Sun/Nep, Ven/Mars, Ven/MC, etc.

Every possible MidPoint pictureis catalogued with suggested text-images in the Appendix of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology. You will find there the key phrases (like those used in the examples above) that help you assemble synthesis and dramatize developmental scenario. After a bit of experience, you will just “feel” the pictures when you see them on the print-out.

There are exceptional MidPoint images that appear to suggest important developmental concerns, concretely and specifically: like the suggested signatures for unipolar and bipolar depression, Nep=Mer/Sat, Sat=Nep/Plu, Plu=Sat/Asc, Asc=Sat/Plu and more (see Astrological Timing of Critical Illness), and for wealth, the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (see Oprah Winfrey, Sir Elton John; Marilyn Monroe); for writing abilities, Mercury/Jupiter, etc.

While we use celebrity horoscopes and extremism to prove points in astrology (Oprah: born in a ramshackle cabin in Mississippi and now one of the wealthiest human beings on earth!; Elton John born in a working class family in stratified England and now megawealthy and knighted!; Monroe raised no father, demented mother, in-and-out of “homes”, raped, etc. and now a legend of Hollywood glitter, presidential liaisons, etc.), we must appreciate that the principles apply in essence at the Level of reality being lived by our client. We must adjust the images during the consultation to fit the astrology to the life experiences of the client.

Solar Arcs and Transits The same key images in the Appendix of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology are valid also for Solar Arc movements into new synthesis relationships with the natal. ***There is a “Tyl Solar Arc Program” with all of these Solar Arc MidPoint developmental pictures produced for any calendar time, with accompanying text images, available from MATRIX.