April 19, 2024

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Creative Connections & Client Communications

More Creative Connections

Updated December 30, as promised

Revealing Statements When a client tells you that, in childhood, the family moved every year or so! (probably because the father was in the military), what does this suggest to you about developmental considerations, difficulties? Where do you look in the horoscope for corroboration and consequence to lead the discussion along meaningfully with your client?

What is a client saying, when you hear, “I had a strong Catholic upbringing”? How do you relate this to anticipating the Level of development in the scenario emerging through creative conversation with your client?

When one or both parents of a client are revealed to have been alcoholics, what are you now expecting in the development of your client? Where do you look in the horoscope for corroboration?

What do self-deprecating statements tell you? Like: “Well, my property’s up for sale for $400,000, but I’ll never get it.” Where in the horoscope do you look for corroboration, for cause(!).

These thoughts lead us to the making of creative connections in analysis (please see, Tyl- The Creative Astrologer). They relate measurements individualistically to the life reality being lived by the client.

Interrupted Education If the significator of (planet ruling the cusp of or a major planetary focus within) the 9th House is under high developmental tension, the chances are extremely high, well over 85% in the American social structure, that the education was interrupted. When do you think it was interrupted, usually? Why? From that surmise, what do you anticipate? What does this tell you, from experience, observation · anticipation? Where do you look in the horoscope for corroboration and extension of the developmental significance?

A MidPoint key If a planet is peregrine (see Archives, “Analytical Techniques”) and related by strong aspect to the MidPoint picture Sun/Moon (see “Analytical Techniques, this month), what does this tell you? –See how much you’ve learned!

Idealism Idealism most often serves a defensive function in life development: it explains the frustrated personal position, defines identity with a supposedly noble teaching or sub-group activity, defines hope (freedom) etc. In short, idealism makes one feel better about one’s self; but is the idealism practical? To what extent has it developed in your client’s life? Where did it come from? NOTE: anytime Mercury and or Venus are conjunct the Sun, or each other in pairs; Neptune oriental; or Jupiter-Neptune contacts with inner planets (See Pope John Paul II: Jup-Nep squ Sun-Moon, with Mer-Ven, all in the 9th), there must be discussion of idealism, the role it plays in the life, its practicality, etc.

Fragmentation When Mercury, Venus, and the Sun each occupy different signs, why is there a fragmentation apparent in identity? Thoughts, relating, and drive seem in different camps. What happens when this is so?

Self-Remediation When appreciating a disclosed event of strong emotional imprint from early development, ask “What have you done with this important experience since then? What have you brought forward from it?” Be prepared to establish fresh objectification, resourceful management of the experience, for your client.

Customized Mantra Have you ever thought of summing up a rich consultation with a kind of mantra for your client, a mnemonics to trigger the essence of fresh understanding gleaned from the consultation? It would stay with your client for the rest of his/her life.

A Special Experience The meaning of the consultation is extremely important in its own existential right. We must remember that we have little control of what happens in the life of our client after the client leaves the consultation. The encounter between client and astrologer -and both have a responsibility to make this happen-must be significant, meaningful for both. It should be measured in and of itself, within the consultation time, not in relation to a future event.