April 19, 2024

No-Measurement Times

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No-Measurement Times

What do we do when there are no measurements of note for a client, for, say, the two years ahead? It’s natural for the astrologer to feel that there is “nothing” to hang one’s hat on. And with this thought comes the thought of disappointing the client. -After all, everyone expects some miracle revelation, safe and sound, that will straighten out problems or bring conspicuous rewards into reality.

The dangers of a fallow measurement period are these:

1. We easily project our personal hopes and good wishes into the time period in order to make up for what’s not there. This is dangerous; we can’t live our client’s life the way we would like it to be. -We become unnerved in the face of disappointing the client.

2. We easily can grope into the future with the client, guided by whimsy. We end up filling time irresponsibly: the businessman of 60 wanting to be a ballet dancer at the Bolshoi! -We must remember that the future comes from one’s own present and past; many thoughts and projections that people have are simply not practicable or possible.

3. We easily end up dropping our client off at a bus-stop where there is no bus schedule!

Antidotes Look at our own life: there are many periods wherein “nothing happened”, perhaps for two or three or more years. Maybe the highpoint was redecorating one’s bedroom, but, otherwise, nothing strong occurred: no new job, no relocation, no raise, no promotion, no births, no affairs, nothing. Time just passes in its life routine.

The point is, comparatively dull times now and then are normal; not everyone can run around every day at 9 on the Richter scale! –Here are the things the astrologer can address gainfully:

1. Enjoying good health. This suggestion is strengthened by the subtle assumption that health now is good. If there is nothing to the contrary (usually Pluto, Saturn, or Neptune involved with the ruler of the 12th House and/or Ascendant) –in other words, something actually happening on the health front-we can say firmly how great that is, especially for someone over 50. Perhaps discuss the “perfect time” to lose weight, to get the exercise program going again; to extend this in-shape consciousness to the rest of the family.

2. Past Business In the consultation, changes of points of view, behavioral modifications, relational improvements over time will surely have come into discussion. Quiet times suggest that those improvements have held up. The consultation is an opportunity to applaud all that. And perhaps success with many issues has isolated one special concern, perhaps too long on the shelf, perhaps with an in-law, which really could benefit from adjustment, from closure. “Now, with things going well for you, this can be the time to help your father see his way clear with the drinking problem. How can you really help him; what would he allow you to do to help?”

3. Helping Others When things are harmonious, stable, reliable and there are no grand plans pressing for action, a beautiful question can make life most meaningful: “Who needs you now? –All spiritual teaching tells us we receive by giving. When things are fine within and without, how can we share that spirit with others? It is most interesting to plan that activity, and the rewards are conspicuous.

The Smaller Measurements Here we have a way of magnifying measurements seeded in the horoscope for times ahead; they are just not yet clarion calls to action. We can pay special attention to Indirect Arcs (midpoint arc pictures), especially those involving the outer planets and Mercury, Venus, Moon, or Sun. Their potential becomes more vivid in so-called idle times; an atmosphere is created that starts to fill the spirit for times ahead. Bubbles of concern and activity may be sewing seeds for stronger action in two or three years.