April 19, 2024

Practicality and Reality must lead Measurements

Creative Connections & Client Communications

(Excerpt from page 219, Noel Tyl’s Guide to Astrological Consultation)Practicality and Reality must lead Measurements

There are two keys that lead projections best, that qualify the thrust of prediction most strongly: the reasonability, of what is projected and the involvement of the individual in making it happen.

For a school-teacher client, for example, you see a clear strong Arc of Mercury=Jupiter occurring at the same time as SP Moon squares the Midheaven. Ideally, these signals are related to each other: we get the sense of a trip and/or study related to development in the profession, abetting a job advance.

The astrologer needs to uncover this issue, to see if this “sense” is already being experienced or is soon to be in the reality experience of the client. The astrologer can ask “What’s the opportunity now for further study that can help with job advancement? This is suggested strongly here; what’s happening?”

The client will probably light up with recognition and say, “Yes! I’m applying to teach at the high school level now, and I need to take a special course to qualify. Should I be taking this course now?”

The situation is practical and real for the client. Therefore the astrology of the situation is strategically significant.

But we must remember that this same measurement could be taking place in the horoscope of, say, a farmer in South Dakota. The farmer’s reality experiences are different. The measurement might not guide the discussion to anything important in the farmer’s life. If the guideline were to manifest –if the opportunity were there–, the result could well be a trip somewhere to a convention, where learning and contacts could be made for a new harvesting machine technology. Information would be gained, and it could pay off well in his work.

For someone working at TIME magazine, the guideline could be suggesting an important foreign assignment (requiring much travel), which can be career significant in the near future.

The measurement we see must be fitted into the line of experience issuing from the client. We must listen to the client, inspect the individual reality carefully, in order to fine tune the strategy that will bring the measurements to life.

Having measurements come to focus in the horoscope does not mean events will happen in the life. Not all measurements manifest. Many measurements fly right by a person’s reality experience. Change can happen only if the client is knowingly involved and if the environment cooperates. We must be intent on being practical more than on being textbook-exact.

Many people underachieve, do not stoke their fires, do not reach for brass rings. Many indeed wait for the apple to drop naturally; they are afraid of transient insecurity away from the norm and standards of their life; they wait for a miracle. The miracle rarely happens unless it is prodded into reality.

When it comes to powerhouse measurements (primarily involving the outer planets, the Angles, Sun or Moon), we must be similarly perceptive. For example, a Pluto Arc of an Angle or square to it, or tr Pluto similarly, are going be background significant for about a year of the client’s life (because of the intrinsic slow speed of Pluto in transit and the duration of an Arc by definition). The potential for change of life perspective is very high, and such change almost always requires a protracted span of time; there may be drama in the portents of the change, but the development of it may be gradual, slower than we want. Many details must fall into place.

For example, relocating to another country: when the decision is made or en route to the decision, so many plans must be made, so many bureaucratic protocols must be met, communication exchanges and compliance with all sorts of regulations must have their time. When a family is involved, the concerns are compounded, of course.

With Saturn involvement (and/or Pluto) there may be a death experience in the extended family (if the opportunity for that occurrence is there). If it occurred/occurs, it must be assimilated in life progress. What does it represent for the strategy of further growth and advancement?

With Uranus, individuality is awakened, ideally; surprising dimensions come to the foreground; relocation, job change, expressions of independence all must be considered. If things are successful, there is much busyness and excitement; if plans are thwarted, temperamental crisis can prevail. What is a realistic evaluation of pending adjustment? Is the client in synch with what’s happening?

With Neptune, there can be extended disappointment, bewilderment, and inexplicable delays. Patience and introspection should displace the feelings of suppression, alone-ness. Some dream must be coming into the life.

The astrologer must be keenly alert to the spectrum of practicality and reality. Then the astrologer’s work is more reliable.