April 19, 2024

Repetitive Crises and Probable Patterning

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Repetitive Crisis and Probable Patterning

Astrologers realize none too soon that the study of a person’s life development can reveal much more often than not knots of life crisis around repetitive astrological measurement patterns. For example, there will be an outer planet contact involved with the 7th House cusp, its ruler, or the Sun/Moon midpoint whenever a relationship crisis occurs … Empirically, we learn that we can even say it this way: every time the pattern occurs, so does similar crisis. We can say as well that this area-focus in the horoscope is arch-responsive.

Now, this is not in every horoscope, but when it does get established in a horoscope, the probability of a repetitive cycle is extremely high.

Realize that this is behind the common observations of “marrying one’s mother or father” for example; or I always seem to get into abusive relationships. –Find the astrology of the happening, and we can understand what is happening.

We can see the particular crisis coming … and –most important—we can work with the client to understand the concomitants of the crisis, to change behaviors and avoid the crisis. In this way, we are converting the knot of difficult measurements into illuminating instruction. We are meeting the signals of challenge in the horoscope. We are improving life development.

It’s one thing to see that every time certain measurements occur there is a business failure, as another example. –But what is actually going on? Perhaps all the business efforts were in partnerships. We must study the reasons behind the partnership need, the quality and operation of the partnerships. Why is partnership necessary? How can the individual’s insecurity or relative inability to work alone be shorn up in some other way than by supposedly complementary partnership?

With certain measurements, why does their repetition almost always signal the man needing to give over decision-making to a woman … a mother substitute … etc.

It’s one thing to see that every time there is a choice pressure to marry or relate seriously to one or the other man or woman, and it’s quite another to understand why it turns out that every time the choice is made, it’s the ‘wrong’ choice? The measurement focus is asking us to understand what really is going on.

This can be applied to so many recurrent important events in one’s life. I can remember that every time Neptune, ruler of my Midheaven, touched “anything” during my opera career or was itself touched keenly, I received further contracts. –Now in my astrology career, I know that the Solar Eclipse on Neptune, ruler of my Midheaven, in September 2007 signals contractual success for my London appearances four and five days later!

Who hasn’t marveled at the tr Jupiter cycle that, once ignited in reality, repeats like clockwork with tr Jupiter conjunct the Sun (etc) every twelve years to the month! This is a highly probable cycle of opportunity, allowing the individual to expand, to have purpose, to feel valued.

The point is not simply to discover the pattern, but to work to understand it. This is how astrology illuminates as it should.

Let’s ask ourselves, why does any Uranian transit of an Angle coincide with change, almost all the time? The answer is that individuality is being asserted. This affects social status through job change. Then, relocation usually follows. Even marital tensions or divorce takes on the tension: when individuality is heightened, the routined reciprocal balance of relationship is threatened.

Astrology is behind all the development time schemes in society: just follow the tr Saturn and concomitant changes of social advance at 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 … etc. –And this can be extended to Uranus as well with a quadrature cycle of 42 years.

Watch for the patterns, study them, and discuss them with your client. All clients are simply fascinated by such discoveries. Knowing observations like this enrich every consultation.