April 19, 2024

Saying Something Important

Creative Connections & Client Communications

Saying Something Important

Throughout several years now of my Master’s Certification Course [see MENU] the two major difficulties for even the finest developed astrologers have always been acknowledging the insight power of special measurements and in consultation, getting to the point of life development, of saying something important.

Special Measurement Power The all-keen measurement insight through Saturn-retrograde phenomenology is a case in point. The insecurity with using this measurement, for the astrologer still developing to maturity, is its power: ”What do I say next, AFTER I uncover the situation?”

Certainly, this is reasonable, akin to surgeon opening up a body, “Well! THERE it is! Now What?” … the moment of truth, the test of knowledge, the challenge to talent:

In our Course, the students learn many things at once and they soon realize that an integration of concept and communication has emerged from their learning and practice. They are “at home” with the powerful measurements because they can relate them to, integrate them with the client’s reality at the client’s Level.

We must know that no measurement manifests in the same way in every individual. This is why all measurements must be related to the reality structure and experience of the client. The client explains the significance. The astrologer connects significances to give the client a fresh view, an open view, a progressive view of his or her life development.
I suggest that communicating the deduction potential artfully allows the client to adapt it to personal reality. Listening to that reality confirmation opens the door to the next level of understanding, appreciating developmental tension within the context of development.

Saying What’s Important I believe it was Einstein who said, “Genius is knowing what’s important.” For someone with Saturn in the 4th, “liking antiques” is not necessarily important! –Understand?

Presentation drivel is a carry-over from “Old Astrology”. Astrologers 50 years ago and more were expected to describe things, fulfill code books, ‘capture’ an individual and his or her ‘destiny’ –notice how seldom we hear that word anymore!— and predict this and that prophetically.

Insecure astrologers look for even the tiniest ‘factoid’ to prove Astrology and themselves to the client. –“Oh, I read somewhere that Neptune in the 4th is an alcoholic mother! So, I’ll say that; I’m sure it’s right.”

The Psychology Century just past has put all of that out of style. –But still, unless we are taught properly, develop our creativity muscles and communication skills, we are afraid to get to the point. We don’t have confidence or direction. Knowledge about life, more than about astrology, is where the comfort zone begins.

With a client the other day, by telephone, it was extremely clear early into the consultation that a tyrannical mother had kept the children tight as drums, if you will; no self-confidence was allowed to grow; no support was given for anything. My client had just courageously changed career direction at her Saturn Return and was working on a new vocation through the Internet. –She acknowledged conspicuous social problems and alone-ness.

Now, astrology and astrologer had framed the deductions and the client had framed the reality structure of those problems. It was all accomplished in about 10 minutes, sight unseen. –What more can the astrologer do?

I asked my client how tall she was and how much she weighed. We both learned the serious scope of her overweight.

“You know Sandra, every time I mention the need now for getting active, perhaps finding a partner for this new business, all of which necessitates your meeting people, getting out there and pushing your career ahead [all suggested by the current astrology], there is a conspicuous silence. The conversation stops. 

There was no doubting any of this. I tested it several times, and finally she herself ‘heard’ it. It was as if a code word had been spoken in a hypnotic exercise, and the relapse into regressed memory was instantly achieved.

I said, “I think I know the reason, Sandra. –You are afraid to be seen.

–Well, this simple observation had enormous impact. It was an echo of what the mother used to say and assert: that the children should be out of the way, hiding unto themselves, not to get in the way of life. And now, for Sandra, the weight gain was a way to make that alone-ness reasonable, explainable!

The point is that I had said what was important. I didn’t proffer passive descriptions. I participated; empathized; taught by reflection. These observations were ‘heavy’ in all senses of the word! [[I recommended highly watching the TV Program “Dr. Phil”; study what he is doing with his clients; what he is engineering for them with his talk.]]

The power measurement of Saturn on the Nodal Axis and Neptune (ruler of the 4th) square the Sun, for Sandra, had led the conversation precisely to where it was supposed to go.

When the astrologer “gets there”, the astrologer can then offer hope with authority, mapping out a diet plan, in this case, building the mind-set of confidence with small bits of applause as the conversation turns the corner into positivism. The mother situation is understood, objectified, and put to a distance.

–I have read transcripts of old-astrology consultations, some by “Name-astrologers”, and they are 100% embarrassing. They are empty. They are generalized to excess. They have little value beyond astrologer self-promotion and parlor game fun.

–Now: Have you listened to a tape of one of your consultations? –Oh boy!, my students know what that means!!!! 😉 –But on the up side, it is staggering to see the improvement after you do listen to and analyze the first one! The second tape sounds like a different person!! Think about the third one!!!

And two of the great keys to improving your skill and art are understanding the major measurement insights and saying what’s important. When this is backed up with knowledge about life and communication skill, your powers of empathy and support for your client grow considerably.