April 19, 2024

Subtext Use as Therapy

Creative Connections & Client Communications

Subtext Use as Therapy

Concurrently this month with this essay, under the department “Notebook”, there is the discussion about improving image through utilization of subtexts, using stimuli spoken to the mind to affect our behavior and presence.

The same affect can be achieved for the clientthrough dramatization of a specific subtext. The dramatization takes place to show the client the way to strengthening a weak sector of personality expression; often ‘infecting’ the whole body with a new way to feel and express oneself.

A recent male client had developed with great difficulty out of a besieged mid-East country. He was well educated and now adequately employed in the ‘new world’, but he did not like his job; he had the doldrums from being alone in life (no relationships). All this had been patterned by life circumstances of suppressed expression [Saturn-Venus in the 10th square the Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 7th; Mars retrograde (the energies going in before they go out, for censorship, editing, adjustment)]. Venus rules his Ascendant and, in the conjunction with Saturn (quindecile Uranus, ruler of the 11th, and quindecile the retrograde Mars, ruler of the 12th) filled out the developmental story even more. -This was a very intelligent, good looking man trapped in an extremely suppressed routine, conditioned by tremendously difficult environmental influences for the first 28 years of his life.

The Moon rules his 3rd House of expression.

This man’s facial muscles barely moved in any emotional expression; his speech was tight, guarded, and rarely expressed personal sensitivity.

Going further: here was a Sun-Jupiter focus in Pisces quindecile Pluto [intense blanket covering his ‘hand grenade’], and the Moon was in Scorpio in the 7th, needing to control his life with homage paid to his enormous sensitivities about things past etc. Indeed, here was the energy for a new start through emigration and new public image. But this potential was compromised by the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune, ruler of the 12th. He was going through the motions, so to speak, not following his sensitivities and imagination into stronger relationships with the world.

Therapy One of the key concepts of salesmanship -of applying for a job or starting up a relationship-is to ASK for the job and explain why you want it. In other words, in trying to relate with the world in new ways, we should not simply present ourselves just to be rescued by someone’s indulgence, kindness, or creative strategy. We should we ASK for the job, for the relationship, and we back up that asking with personal statements of opinion, self-aggrandizement (what I can do for you!), and we express our energy into the other person’s point of view. -We should not wait to be discovered; we should present ourselves in terms of resource exchange with the other person (employer, relationship).

My client was static. His expression was routinely suppressed. He had to speak up; we had to awaken all that was inside for him to be able to take advantage of the SA Moon=Jupiter two months away, with SA Ura=Sun/Node and then Pluto=Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter/Asc. And all of this leading to SP Moon square MC, SA Sun=Uranus/Pluto.

Here was so much energy about to make its way symbolically into my client’s life -as energies had done in the past only to meet up with routined understatement, censorship, suppression. —This should not happen again

I explained all this to my client, and he understood perfectly. Then I adjusted my voice to the tone of instructor sharing a secret technique. I really had his refreshed attention.

“Tamor, I want to ask you to do something for me. It’s very simple.” –He nodded in full trust and compliance.

“In a moment, I want you to lean forward slightly, like this, and I want you to say, ‘Now, may I please share with you my opinions about this?’ And I want you to do it with a strong, clear voice and a slight smile on your face; nothing at all over-serious or threatening.”

**I repeated this instruction and demonstration three times, verbatim, without asking for any response from Tamor. Three times, so he would memorize the instruction and get it right.

Then I sat bat slightly and said, “OK. Now you do it, strong and clear!”

He did it perfectly, flawlessly!!!!!!!!!!!!! –And as he finished the simple statement, he broke out into the most complete smile of the year!!! Of many years!!! His whole body changed its position in his chair! He was proud of the feeling of self assertion!!!!

We did it again … and again!!
It’s safe to say Tamor loved it. He saw its value. He learned something. He had a way to remember a new way into confident expression.

We talked a bit more about the positive values of the mind-set and how there simply was nothing in the world to be wary of in using this technique.

I felt great about this. With practice, Tamor would start making improvements in his lot because he was sharing himself with others. -He had never had any model or training for this type of behavior in his life. He now got it from his astrologer, and it was now part of him for his future.

The subtext technique, the vocal signal for behavioral modification, is an extremely strong therapeutic device. [Please see page 95-97, The Creative Astrologer]