April 19, 2024

Talking to the Moon!

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Talking to the Moon!

As the symbol of every individual’s reigning need, that which presses for fulfillment through all our plans, behaviors, and dreams, the Moon in the horoscope is our treasure chest of potentials. How these potentials, this all-pervasive motivational press operates determines who we are; it defines our process of becoming within developmental time.

Did our family, in the crucial early years of personality formation, acknowledge what we need in order to be who we are? Did our inner environment gain support from the outer environment? In relationships, when our need system meets the need system of others, what happens: is there support, help, appreciation; or are there short circuits that trigger defenses and patterns of behaviors fighting among frustrations?

Understanding the reigning need is key [and if we insert the ‘need’ word and concept into all we know about the Moon in a sign, modified by important aspects, we do understand]. We can explore this with our clients under pressure, by “talking to their Moon,” acknowledging the reigning need and working to resurrect need-fulfillment strategies and behaviors. The Moon and the client will be delighted and enriched by the attention!

For example: we know that the Moon in Aries suggests the reigning need to be numero uno There is no doubt about that. Suppressive aspects may short-circuit this need focus, and frustration can become routine. The client has rarely had the opportunity and support to invite ego-strength expression. –What if we say to the client, “It would be nice to establish your importance here in this situation . How can we do that?”

–Read that slowly. Hear those words. Think of the conversation that can follow. You are giving permission for the client to think big, and with the strategic common sense that follows, the entire atmosphere of individual activity and expression has changed!

With the Moon in Leo feeling a short circuit in its expression, we can say, “Your leadership is important here: how can you and the others do more on these issues?” –Adding “the others” introduces the royal largesse that the Leo need needs to express in order to be accepted. Can you feel the Moon awakened?

With the Moon in Sagittarius, where the reigning need is certainly first and foremost to have one’s opinions respected, ask “Does everyone know your opinions about this matter? You really do know, and they’ve got to know too! What can we do about that?”

In the Air family, we deal less with ego thrust than with social reflection.

With the Moon underachieving in Libra, we can explore therapeutic conversation this way: “How can you shine in this situation? How can we make your position more attractive to more people?”

In Aquarius: “Everyone knows you care; so what’s the magic idea that can take things further?”

Or in Gemini: I know you’re thinking about this full-time; how can you show these people how much you know about the situation?”

——-These simple conversation thrusts go to the heart of our behavioral processes through reflections upon the Moon.

In the Earth Family: for the Capricorn Moon underachieving, “You probably know best how this should proceed. What can you do concretely to make that happen?” –This is a power-packed call to action, indeed! Again: remember your line of talk is giving permission to be oneself; something many of us never receive.

With the Taurus Moon: “We really need your organizational imprint on this situation, to make it what it should be. How can we build that?” –Read that slowly, carefully . think of what’s behind every word.

With the Vigo Moon: “You surely want to be on top of the details here . what’s your grasp of it all? Where are people going wrong, and what can be done about it?” –Whew!

When we come to the Water Family, we are dealing with emotional management, and these issues run very deep.

For the Moon in Cancer: “Let’s identify the emotional values of the situation; then we will be closer to a reliable strategy you can work with, without hurting anyone in any way.”

When the Moon is in Scorpio, we have a reigning need to know, to control by knowing; it can very very easily get out of hand, with behaviors that become obstreperous. The energy potentials are great. When under pressure or enforced muting, the conversation-counseling approach can begin, “In order for you to gain more control in this situation, what is necessary? How can you get it?”

The Moon in Pisces can increase its light this way: “With your sensitivity about all these issues, how can we mix the practical with the ideal, to be really objective?

Needs make things happen in our life. In so many lives, parents simply don’t understand their children’s individual needs; they ignore them, and the child experiences stultified development. Defenses are born. All of this can be all too easily transferred through behavioral patterns carried into adult relationships, and then on to one’s own children.

A good conversation with respectful understanding of Moon messages can begin the process of self-respecting freedom.