April 19, 2024

The Aries Point

I have invited Don McBroom, an excellent astrologer, a highest-honors graduate of my Master’s Degree Course, to present this following overview and illumination of the Aries Point, with which he is quite the specialist. Don has his astrology office in Tucson, AZ, (520) 298-3456.The Aries Point

My initial exposure to Aries Point terminology was in Noel Tyl’s text, “Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology”. I began looking for other references only to find that very few modern texts even touch upon the subject. Notable exceptions are Robert Hand’s “Horoscope Symbols” and others of Noel’s books that do include
references to the AP.

Study of the Aries Point (AP) in chart interpretation is often quite enlightening — frequently suggesting channels of thrust in one’s public presentation related to the specific planet, angle, or midpoint in contact with the AP.

While the AP is defined technically as 0 degrees Aries on the zodiac, standard
reference of “Aries Point” includes 0 degrees of all cardinal signs within the AP definition. Another way to look at it is: 0 degrees Aries AND all points in opposition or square to this point – so we are looking at 0 degrees of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Noel recommends and I have adopted an orb of 2.0 degrees either side of the 00 point of all Cardinal signs (resulting in the range from 28 degrees of all Mutable
Signs to 2 degrees of the adjacent Cardinal signs).

Although the area representing the AP is a very small part of the chart as a whole, this part is exquisitely sensitive in its connection with public projection potential. Representing less than 4.5% of all possible placements, this area can be a veritable hotbed of public/externalized focus.

While traditional natal chart interpretations focus primarily on personal traits and characteristics, interpretively, the AP relates to our connection with the world (i.e. a potential for public projection related to the specific Planet or point in contact with the AP). It’s as if there is a especially efficient conduit linking the inner workings of the individual horoscope with the external world. The portal for this connection seems to be the Aries Point(s).

Any contact characterizes the potential for the individual’s orientation to the outside world. So to summarize: the AP represents the potential for public Projection of the individual to the external world – related to the specific planet or point in contact with the AP.

BUT, merely having contact with the AP in a specific chart is by no means
a guarantee of fame. We must remember that the horoscope suggests the POTENTIAL of the individual, rather than an absolute predestined outcome. Even within this potential there is wide latitude of expression for any given contact. There is always a positive and a less positive manifestation possible for this expression.

Most of us have learned from experience that a specific astrological technique may be difficult to interpret when applied by itself, alone -yet when combined with other influences derived from the horoscope, we begin to see a more detailed, usually quite homogeneous portrait emerge. Rather than examining just a single isolated part, the chart as a whole must be considered.

The AP is no exception. For example, the astrologer needs to consider the sign, House, rulership and aspects relating to the AP to clarify interpretation. By incorporating AP contact into chart synthesis an embellished dimension of the horoscope emerges.

When the anticipated potential is NOT projected publicly –is not obvious– it may be held back due to challenges within the developmental process – or it is taking place on another level in the life, perhaps sublimated.

The Aries Point suggests the potential for public projection to the external world -related to the specific planet or point in contact with the AP. For direct planetary relationships to AP, the following list may prove helpful:


Sun Potential for public projection to become well known; energy expended for ego recognition for the significance of one’s actions.

Moon Potential for desire to connect emotionally with the public; to nurture, protect, or provoke an emotional response

Mercury Potential for public projection by communication, writing, intellectual talents, travel.

Venus Potential for public projection and recognition for anything pleasing to the senses -art, music, physical beauty.

Mars Potential for public projection of aggression, courage, ruggedness, impulsive behavior, sexuality, athleticism.

Jupiter Potential for public projection of success, wealth, optimism, enthusiasm, religion, higher mind, position of respect. -OR excess, careless risk-taking, overspending.

Saturun Aspiration to be perceived by the public as conservative, restrained, disciplined, rigid, self-sufficient, ambitious.

Uranus Potential to seek public notice by being inventive, innovative, rebellious, socially reforming, eccentric.

Neptune Potential to seek public attention through ideals -as a visionary, spiritual leader, dreamer -or gaining a reputation for confused, dishonest, or concealed behavior.

Pluto Potential for public power as a pioneer, a reformer for evolutionary change – OR involvement in hidden or subversive behavior.

Node Potential for public identification or involvement with large social groups, an easy connection with groups.

Asc Potential to easily align with public popularity; personality traits conducive to commanding public notice.

Midheaven Potential to easily align career to attract public attention and exposure.

While all charts have AP locations, they are not always occupied –not all charts have direct Planetary contact with the AP.

By using a 90-Degree midpoint sort table, the astrologer can quickly identify the midpoint pictures that = AP. Any midpoints (or planet or point) = AP will show up in the 90-Degree sort as 000 degrees to 002 degrees or 88 degrees to 90 degrees (using the suggested 2 degree orb). My studies suggest that the closer the planet/point/midpoint is to the exact AP, the more analytical weight it should be given.

Using Appendix II in Noel Tyl’s Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, one can begin to form an interpretive analysis of the AP as it relates to a specific midpoint picture. In my research, I have found an uncanny relevance of the closest midpoint picture to the public expression of the potential of the individual. Adding the other AP related midpoints can refine the analysis further.

The midpoint pictures can then be modified slightly to add the `public thrust’ dimension.

As with midpoints in general, often they reflect or reinforce the themes suggested in analysis of the natal chart, though at times they may reveal a totally different, otherwise unidentified or unnoticed point of emphasis within the personality.

A personal example: in my horoscope I have AP=Ur/Mc. I interpret this aspect as potential for public exhibition of unusual or unconventional concepts; or pursuit of an unusual, out-of-the-mainstream career; and to quote directly from page 850 of Synthesis & Counseling: “dramatic adjustment of job status as an adult; change of profession possible.” —Relatively late in my life, I found this desire for change could no longer be ignored. This led to a total change in career from an established, accepted profession (Hospital Pharmacy) to a less traditional one (Astrology) at age 50.