April 19, 2024

The Draconic Horoscope at work in Consultation

Creative Connections & Client Communications

The Draconic Horoscope at work in ConsultationBy Lauren Delsack

Lauren Delsack is a Highest Honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course. She is a consulting astrologer and self-published author of How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease – An Astrological View. Her website offers free instructive videos, downloadable lectures and workshops in mp3, her eBook, and astrological commentaries. She can be reached at www.laurendelsack.com. Email: lauren@laurendelsack.com

We know the draconic chart has a mystical dimension about it, believed to represent our soul or higher self. Working on this premise, it represents parts of our makeup that feel innate or ingrained. The draconic chart seems to reinforce and assist energies and behavioral needs suggested in the natal chart. It highlights challenges as well, even obstacles looking for resolution that give way to necessary growth and development in this lifetime.

The draconic chart in consultation sheds light on where energy should be focused. It illuminates developmental themes of greatest importance, and it confirms the ‘big bells’ in the natal horoscope. We can deduce this very quickly — within 5 or 10 minutes. If a client’s draconic chart does not speak to you, do not incorporate it into your consultation. If it does however, it will bring forth valuable insights for discussion.

There are essentially 3 main areas to focus on:

1. Keeping in mind that draconic planets and points tend to feel intrinsic or natural, we can blend the energies of the natal Sun with the draconic Sun, the reigning need of the natal Moon with the draconic Moon, and the identity projection of the natal Ascendant with the draconic Ascendant. The natal and draconic work together.

For example, our client has draconic Sun in Virgo with natal Sun in Aquarius. We can say to our client, “The horoscope suggests that energies are working intrinsically to refine and discriminate, and intellectualizing with others in an insightful way that probably feels quite natural to you.”

Draconic Moon in Capricorn with natal Moon in Gemini: “There is a major need to be bright, clever and witty, and at the same time, getting things done probably feels second nature to you.”

Draconic Sagittarius Ascendant with natal Taurus Ascendant: “The horoscope suggests that your identity feels comfortable approaching the world in a self-assertive way and simultaneously seeking to build something of value.”

We can take analysis further into the behavioral needs of each inner planet: how one needs to think (Mercury), to socialize (Venus), and to apply energy (Mars). Simply blend two needs together realizing that the draconic planet feels innate to the individual.

2. Place the draconic chart on the outer wheel, the natal on the inner. Draconic planets conjunct or opposed natal Angles are dominant forces that will be very apparent in your client’s life.

I offer two examples of people I know very well. A female shows draconic Saturn partile conjunct her natal Scorpio Ascendant. This suggests the initial impression she projects is tightly structured and controlled; needing to control her environment and those within it. There can be insistence on being the ‘authority,’ on being right, and never putting a foot down wrong. Why is this? Does draconic Saturn echo concerns in the natal horoscope linked to the father? Natal Saturn rules the mindset 3rd. It is angular upon the IC, and receives a square from Neptune. We cannot deny the importance of Saturn when it is screaming for attention in the natal and in synastry with the draconic!

Further draconic Mercury in Leo is tightly conjunct her natal Midheaven. We feel her ego and pride in expressing her intelligence. In the natal, Mercury in Sagittarius is peregrine and ruling the 11th house. This suggests that arrogant ways of thinking and needing to prove what she knows are behaviors overcompensating for lovability concerns. We need to talk to her about her relationship with her father, how it impacted her mindset and influenced how she interacts with others.

A homosexual male has natal Mercury conjunct Venus in Pisces in the 8th house. In synastry, draconic Mercury-Venus is straddling the natal Descendant! The idealism constraint in the natal now becomes a major statement, projected publicly for all to see. Is this illuminating the importance of his sexual profile and personal relationships? What does the idealism protect against? Why is it making such a bold statement?

Draconic Pluto and Uranus are tightly conjunct his natal Leo Ascendant. Why the need to be highly individualistic, to be unique and different from the rest of the world and pursue an unconventional lifestyle? Why does he need to be the center of attention (echoing his natal Moon in Aries) but at the same time need to hide from intimacy and not let others in? Natal Uranus rules the 7th house. Natal Pluto rules the 4th directing our attention to natal Neptune in the 4th (feeling like the black sheep of the family) ruling the sexual profile 8th! We need to ask about the early home life and the influence of a parent. How did this create a defense of idealism around sexuality and one-on-one relationships?

3. With the draconic chart on the outer wheel and the natal on the inner, look for draconic planets tightly conjunct or opposed natal planets. They will unquestionably be making strong statements, pointing to areas of life that demand attention.

Radio personality Howard Stern (born January 12, 1954 at 1:10 PM in New York, NY; Ascendant 00 Gemini 57) shows a natal quadruple conjunction in Capricorn in the 9th house (North Node-Sun-Venus-Mercury). In synastry, draconic Mars and Saturn in Capricorn conjunct this natal stellium. Draconic Mars is also precisely opposed natal Uranus in the 3rd house!

We can feel the indomitable will, and strategic administrative power (Mars with Saturn); daring impulsive energies, the serial communicator/broadcaster, needing to make things happen his way (Mars with Uranus)…and “making strong, emotional statements” (draconic Mars=natal Mercury/Venus)! All of this is working to make things happen through 3rd/9th house matters. By asking Stern creative open-ended questions, we can ascertain whether this poses challenges or offers assistance for his growth and development.

Talk show host Johnny Carson (born October 23, 1925 at 7:15 AM CST in Corning, IA; Ascendant 5 Scorpio 46) has draconic Venus in Leo precisely conjunct his natal Midheaven. Befittingly Carson’s nickname was the “King of Late Night TV.”

In Carson’s natal chart, Venus sits in the 2nd house, ruling the relationship 7th. His tempestuous romantic life involved four marriages and two high-profile divorces. Carson often joked about his alimony payments: “My producer really gave me something I needed for Christmas. He gave me a gift certificate to the Law Offices of Jacoby and Meyers.”

With the draconic on the outer wheel, Carson’s t-square with Mars squaring into the opposition between Pluto and Jupiter-Moon ‘clicks’ right into precise alignment with natal Venus — creating one very serious Grand Square suggesting indecision and frustrated energies at cross-purposes!

Let’s think through this configuration: draconic Mars opposed natal Venus (too much passion leads to unwise choices in relationships); draconic Pluto square natal Venus (extremism in emotional expression; wasting emotions, over-longing, over-suffering); draconic Jupiter-Moon square natal Venus (self-indulgences, needing comfort/pampering; feeling extra-sensitive, insecure about one’s popularity).

The point is: draconic Venus front-and-center on the natal Midheaven is calling attention to all things archetypical of Venus such as love and romance. Relationships may have presented challenges to Carson, but life lessons as well that were likely necessary for his growth and development in this lifetime.

The draconic chart offers the astrologer an incisive tool for extracting important themes that challenge and reinforce growth. It is up to the astrologer to make the creative connections and formulate strong open-ended questions that will give way to rich discussion and deeper understanding of what our client is here to seek, work on and learn from in this lifetime.