April 19, 2024

The Two-Year Clue

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The Two-Year Clue
by guest astrologer Lauren Delsack,
Lauren Delsack is a Highest Honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course. She is a consulting astrologer and self-published author of How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease: An Astrological View. Her website offers free instructive videos, downloadable lectures and workshops in mp3, her eBook, and astrological commentaries. She can be reached at www.laurendelsack.com. Email: lauren@laurendelsack.com

I had a consultation with a new client the other day, who had had a severe problem with recurring bladder infections, continuously —non-stop— over the past five years. As soon as she would finish taking antibiotics and the symptoms cleared up, the bladder infection, would return. Miraculously however, over the past few months, she was astonished to observe that her bladder infection had not returned. It had vanished. It was gone! She had taken the same antibiotics over the past five years, had the same reoccurring symptoms over the past five years, and now the bladder infection was completely gone? How can that be?

Through the fascinating discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (officially named “The German New Medicine”) we can understand this more clearly. Dr. Hamer discovered that disease is a simultaneous, coexistent interaction among the psyche, the brain and the physical body occurring on all three levels, and that an incidence of a severe emotional conflict precedes the onset of disease. Such an unexpected conflict occurs not only in our psyche but also simultaneously in the brain and on the corresponding organ.

Further Dr. Hamer ascertained that the onset of disease occurs approximately one-to-three years after an unexpected emotional conflict-shock occurs. How the emotional conflict is perceived by the individual the very moment it occurs is all that matters (and not how anyone else thinks that person perceived the emotional conflict). According to Dr. Hamer’s research, once the conflict is resolved (i.e. the individual finding resolution to the problem), the psyche, brain and the physical body will automatically begin to heal.

This two-year window clue most often allows the astrologer to track the astrological warning signs of illness backward from the time of diagnosis (or when symptoms first appear) in order to pinpoint when the unexpected emotional conflict that triggered the onset of illness likely occurred. This brings us close to the cause.

Through Dr. Hamer’s work with urinary system-related illnesses such as bladder cancer, we learn that the biological conflict linked to the bladder (as well as the renal pelvis, urethra and ureter) is a “territorial marking conflict caused by the unexpected invasion or intrusion of our domain, and an inability to establish inner (female) or outer (male) boundaries.”

For purposes of simplicity, Dr. Hamer illustrates an example: a man suffered an unexpected emotional conflict when his employer told him that the much expected promotion went not to him but to one of his colleagues. He developed bladder cancer (a conflict of “not being able to mark the territory,” involving the lining of the bladder), and because of his cancer went into early retirement.

I would like to share a clear example from my book, How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease: a female client diagnosed with bladder cancer. We want to target it with the astrological measurements that occurred one-to-three years back from the time of her diagnosis. We are focusing primarily on Solar Arcs and outer planetary transits (from transiting Pluto, Neptune and Saturn) in 8th harmonic hard aspect (conjunction, semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate and opposition) to the natal Sun, Moon, the Ascendant (the health-center), the planet ruling the Ascendant, and/or the planet ruling the 12th house of critical illness (as well as, natal planets situated in the 1st and 12th houses). We should see an obvious and strong accumulation of these measurements over an approximate one-to-three year period leading up to diagnosis.

The bladder is ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra. In her natal horoscope, the potential for weakness of the bladder is suggested through natal Pluto square the Libra Moon in the 12th house, and as well, square her Libra Ascendant.

Exactly three years back from the time of diagnosis we see the first warning signs of potential illness with transiting Neptune square the natal Moon (and opposed Pluto). Simultaneously transiting Pluto was square Venus, ruler of the Ascendant. Solar Arc (SA) Venus was opposed the Ascendant.

The following year (the second year back from diagnosis), SA Pluto was opposed the Sun, and SA Pluto was square Saturn.

**Please note: whenever Pluto and Neptune are configured together by solar arc or transit activity, it can be a critical contact for health matters. Hard aspects between Pluto and Saturn by solar arc or transit symbolize the threat of loss in any area of life. Both measurements reinforce a time of health concern when accompanied by the early warning signs stated above.

Finally within the first year back from diagnosis, transiting Neptune was square her Ascendant. Transiting Pluto was square Mercury, ruler of the 12th house of critical illness, and transiting Saturn was conjunct Venus, and conjunct Mercury!

It was toward the end of the third year back from diagnosis (with SA Venus=Ascendant and transiting Pluto square Venus) that she became involved with a religious community. After a short stay, she decided to leave because she felt extremely uncomfortable with the leader asking her for money. When she returned to the community at the beginning of the next year, the leader told her that she was going to get cancer as part of her spiritual growth. However, if she gave him money to open up a new spiritual center, the cancer would not be painful. At that time, she believed him and didn’t want to suffer, so she gave him the money — nearly one fourth of her life savings (i.e., the invasion and intrusion of her domain, and her inability to establish boundaries).

The following year, blood appeared in her urine and she was diagnosed with bladder cancer (coinciding with both transiting Pluto and Saturn in hard contact with Mercury).

What a case! Most instructive.

Now, back to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of my client’s bladder infections: our discussion revealed a set of similar circumstances involving unexpected requests by family members to share substantial financial gains she had acquired. For various reasons, she was unable to set boundaries. The early warning signs are clear, starting two years back from her first bladder infection:

Tr Pluto semisquare the Ascendant (when the emotional conflict first occurred).

Tr Saturn square the Sun, and conjunct Pluto.

Tr Saturn square Uranus (ruler of her Ascendant).

Tr Pluto sesquiquadrate the Moon.

And finally, tr Saturn opposed the Ascendant and conjoined with the Moon (when the bladder infection first appeared).

When we discussed Dr. Hamer’s findings associated with the bladder, she corroborated that just six months earlier, she had finally established her position with her family, and had definitively cut ties with a family member that had consistently exploited her generosity over the past five years. The conflict was finally resolved, and so were the reoccurring bladder infections.

If we apply what we know about the Two-year Clue to Pope Benedict in the shock of the recent sex scandal, an unexpected emotional conflict shock, we see how preventative awareness may help save lives.

In the Pope’s horoscope (born April 16, 1927 at 4:15 AM in Marktl GER; Asc 19 Pisces), there are two natal configurations extremely sensitive to critical health matters:

Natal Pluto square the Moon (14 Libra) and,

Natal Mars (29 Gemini), co-ruler of his Ascendant, square Mercury (28 Pisces) and Uranus (00 Aries), ruler of the 12th house of critical illness (Uranus and Mercury are situated in the 1st house).

We know this sensitivity from study of the astrological early-warning signs of illness when the Pope previously suffered two strokes: the first stroke in September 1991; the second, undisclosed publicly but sometime between 2003 and May 2005.

Within the three years leading up to his first stroke, we see SA Neptune opposed the Sun, and SA Mars and SA Mercury were in hard aspect to natal Pluto and the Moon. Transiting Pluto was sesquiquadrate natal Mars (co-rules Asc) and Uranus (r. 12th), and transiting Neptune was opposed Pluto, and square the Moon.

Within the time frame of the second stroke, we see practically the same configurations: SA Sun was semisquare Neptune, and SA Pluto and SA Moon had arced to natal Mercury. Transiting Pluto was square his Ascendant, and transiting Neptune formed a hard aspect with natal Mars and Uranus.

The recent sex scandal erupted in March 2010 with SA Mars opposed his Ascendant. Over the next two years, we will see SA Mercury square his Ascendant, SA Neptune sesquiquadrate natal Mars and Uranus, and SA Saturn sesquiquadrate natal Pluto and the Moon. Transiting Pluto will form a hard aspect to Neptune (co-ruler of his Ascendant), and transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn will be in hard aspect to natal Pluto and the Moon. –The scandal shock could very well be linked to the future aspect pattern; a probably physical retriggering to come from a system attack in the past.

From the way these measurements line up, I believe August/September 2012 will be most challenging. As well, SA Neptune=Node is exact in September 2012. Pope Benedict will be 85 years old.

~~If we can incorporate the empirical logic of Dr. Hamer’s biological laws with the science and art of astrology, we will be much better equipped to assist others with health and healing. All it takes is a basic understanding of how the psyche, brain and physical body work together, and combining that knowledge with what we know about astrology and the early warning signs of critical illness.

The two-year Clue opens our eyes.

You can learn more about Dr. Hamer’s discoveries and The German New Medicine at http://germannewmedicine.ca, and read a free sample of my eBook “How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease: An Astrological View” on my website at http://www.laurendelsack.com