April 19, 2024

Transit Considerations

Transit Considerations

Transits are ‘real-time’ considerations, of course: they denote planetary positions in the Now. Make special note: reading transits from a printed Ephemeris Table, in relation to a horoscope under study, is infinitely faster and clearer than accessing a transit program on the computer and creating a double or triple-ring chart to show the positions in relation to the natal. [-There is simply no doubt about this; there is a 100-year “Quick-Glance” Easy-Read 100-year Ephemeris in the Appendix of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology (for the first of every month, Mars through Pluto)].

Organizing Transits Efficiently When reading an Ephemeris Table for transit applicability to the natal horoscope, I suggest that you consider (‘read’, ‘inspect’) the Pluto position first, then the Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, i.e., from the intrinsically slowest moving planet successively to the progressively faster. -There is no efficiency in detecting a Saturn transit alone, and THEN finding a Pluto or Neptune transit. It is the heavier transit that conditions all the other activity, especially when involving an Angle.

As a Time Trigger In the organization of our analytical work, transits are triggers in time. The Secondary Progressed Moon as well operates as a trigger of considerable importance. The time-span denoted by the major Arc, especially involving an Angle, is highlighted, triggered into focus by the generally contemporaneous transit.

Understanding Transit Speeds Understanding why the ‘heavier’ (intrinsically slower moving) planetary transit is clearly more impactful than an intrinsically swifter moving planet [Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn … in that order slower to faster] leads us directly into realistic analysis: correlating heavier transits with heavier events (transformations etc.) tells us that heavier events (NOT accidents) have the dimension of gradualism about them that is critical for expectation, planning strategy, endurance, and significance. This is how change manifests most often in life: gradually.

A Pluto transit in touch with (conjunction, square, or opposition) any planet or Angle is going to repeat itself, almost always, three times over a period of time that can be 2, 2 ½ years! Within that time period, other transits will take place, narrowing down the focus of the gradual development, much as we rotate the focus ring on a fine camera to bring things into clear vision.

One of my clients this morning had SA Mars=Ascendant exact in March 2000. She is in the middle of divorcing her husband. Notice “in the middle of”: the sense of process. The arc has been applying for six-months to a year, which in Solar Arc practice is only ½+ degree, a very tight orb. It will separate for six months as well, i.e., to about September-October, the time of the woman’s call to me.

Now within that span of time, knowing the portents of the Arc (and remember a transit or Arc at the Ascendant will be opposed the Descendant), we look for transit triggers. There is tr Uranus square her Midheaven in April 2000, basically contemporaneous with the powerful disruptive Arc. And at the same time, there was tr Saturn conjunct the fourth cusp (opposing the Midheaven)… only one ‘hit’ this time for this key transit. –All of this is March-May, 2000. My client said that that is when the divorce plans all came out in the open, agreements drawn up by lawyers etc.

But behind all of this, my preparation revealed to me that tr Pluto had been square my client’s Sun-Moon midpoint (an extremely important measurement reference for ‘relationships’), all through 1993-94, 6-7 years ago. -Was this when the estrangement tensions began between her and her husband? Yes! Discussion of that time period, i.e., the emergence of difficulties, helped appreciate the Now and the immediate time ahead, the considerations that would be very important.

Now, recall the tr Uranus square with the Midheaven in April 200 (two paragraphs above). That was the first hit. The second was in July 2000, and the final one will be in January 2001. -That’s how long divorces take!!! That’s when she and her husband will be free of each other.

And, to top it all off …or, rather, to emphasize this time of transition even further, my client has had tr Neptune conjunct her Ascendant all through 1999 and the first half of 2000!!!

**This is how transits work integrated into analysis that reflects reality.

Do not be overly concerned with the multiple hits made by the slower transits.It’s not a question of which hit is the one that matters! Rather, what is revealed is an extended time period that has deep and/or strategic meaning. Find out what is happening within the time period with other transits and-most important-what is the background Solar Arc saying? [And there will be one, 90% of the time!]

My client yesterday, a 23-year old whose education was not completed, is living in the midst of a major changing time. Three hits of Uranus to square his Midheaven have/are occurring March, August, and December 2000: “I really need to know what to do to get back on track; I can’t stay in this bartending-waiter job forever!”

At the same time, he has tr Pluto conjoining his Moon, applying now and transiting back and forth until September 2001. This is a major transit indeed, suggesting gradual, deep emotional change, a change of values, an alteration of personal perspective in relation to his Moon-in-Sagittarius reigning need (having one’s opinions respected; needing to be significant and important through what he thinks and says).

What a rich and interesting period is ahead for this bright young man!. -And then, the answer for the change of job (the Midheaven hits) and the Sagittarian enrichment of the personal need perspectives (the Pluto Moon contact) are seen within the background arc: SA Jupiter was forming conjunct natal Venus, RULER OF HIS 9TH!!!!! –George, what about going back to school? **Wow! Do I ever want to do that!!!!** “Well, I think you will consider very strongly working hard, saving money now for about 9 months, and planning to go back to college next Spring-Summer, 2001; that’s not too far away.”

Final Rule (for this installment!): It’s safe to say and wise to remember that, 90% of the time, nothing changes importantly in life unless there is Arc and/or Transit contact (conjunction, square, or opposition) to an Angle.

We’ll add on to this theme next month.