April 19, 2024

Vocational Insights for School Counselors

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Vocational Insights for School Counselors

The case can be made that vocational profiling is the single most important service astrology can offer a client. One’s vocation makes the individual’s world go ‘round; it establishes identity in so many, many ways.

How many people do you know are in the so-called “wrong” job? –An exorbitant number, an extremely high percentage! Lack of fulfillment vocationally, frustration and unhappiness breed all sorts of overcompensation, divert energies off their best course, and color our view of our life.

With the Midheaven Extension Process for Vocational Profiling we finally have a way to approach this analytical and counseling challenge with a notably high degree of sureness. It can be taught to the interested; it can be learned by the diligent and patient; and it can be passed on to clients to do wonders for vocational choice, corroboration, or adjustment.

The book Vocations [Llewellyn Publications; Tyl] tells the story, as do the thirteen thousand-word essays in the Midheaven Extension Process Learning series in the Tyl Archive at TheMetaArts.com. Additionally, there has been tutorial in the Process conducted on this Forum for over two years now, every Thursday.

What can we really do with the Process to affect our society, especially with the young, so hoping to get off on the right track in college studies?

1. Learn the Process The Midheaven Extension Process, while it is clear is not as easy as pie, so to speak. In analytical application, its principles approach art more than they do science. Yet, the principles are grounded in twenty-five years of research and streamlined deductions. What is required is the development of patterning knowledge –how planets, through significator dynamics, inter-relate and highlight House experience-focus— and a flair for confident conceptualization. The objective is to alert a need cluster of interest(s) within the client; and then, the client does the rest; the client ‘hears’ and recognizes the inner direction for the delineated profession.

Patience pays. With every exercise, the brain stores patterns seen in the individual horoscope. The brain responds knowingly to these patterns the more and more it is practiced with analysis. Confidence grows gradually and then eventually leads the way. –Determining the vocational profile soon takes between 15 seconds in very simple cases to two minutes in more complicated cases. But the fact of the matter, after worldwide testing over several years, remains that the Midheaven Extension Process works.

People active with the vocational exercises on the Forum have learned how to do it. I can name experts with the Process, and you can see their work on Thursdays on the Forum.

2. Practice the Process Every day, set yourself the goal of doing 6 vocational analyses. There is an electronic workbook (over a hundred cases fully annotated in their solution) available from NoelTyl@cox.net . –Soon, you will never be able to look at a horoscope without including the magic of vocational profiling.

3. Use it in your consultations Follow the instructions (in Vocations) about how to incorporate the Process into your mainstream consultation dialogue, without jeopardizing your credibility position. Soon you will have compelling confidence, and your service to your client will grow exponentially!

4. FINALLY, bring your skill to those who need it! Target the Dean of Students at your local High School or College. Make an appointment; be brave … fifteen minutes of time to dramatize the Midheaven Extension Process (using celebrity horoscopes, for example) is all you would need to interest the Dean, to set up a small group of students for individual enriching discussions with you!

Maybe talk to the Special Features Editor of your local college newspaper! The publicity will help open so many doors.

How about a discussion with a subcommittee of the Parent Teacher’s Association in your local High School!?

Put your Vocational Choice specialization on your Business Card.

Overall: be dignified; speak simply: eliminate jargon from any discussion; have rock-solid examples with you; do not promise the Moon, just an illumination of considerations to get to the young person’s consciousness. You are not selling; you are focusing potentials through a tried-and-tested lens.

School counselors worth their salt should respect this opportunity to help their students.
—The word “astrology” hardly needs to be mentioned. You are a “vocational consultant.”

Good learning! Good luck! –I will help in any way I can (Noel Tyl, (480) 816-0000).