April 19, 2024

Wish Fulfillment / Power of Suggestion

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Wish Fulfillment / Power of Suggestion

Just now, I returned a telephone call left with me yesterday; clearly it was a room at a motel/hotel. The woman who answered the phone launched immediately and emotionally into quite a story.

I tried to ignore all the emotional details and listen for the crux of the matter. What I heard was that another party was going to help this woman with a living arrangement, but she herself was “dysfunctional” and had called at 5 AM for the woman’s “decision” immediately about something or other that was important to them both. If the answer was not forthcoming, the other party said she would “end it all.”

There is little that astrology can do for this situation. After all, the planets don’t do anything, people do; especially under such tensions. I checked the computer screen for the moment in time of the call and saw the Moon 2 degrees from conjunction with the Sun in Aries, just before New Moon, the Moon ruling the Ascendant of the moment, and the New Moon sextile Neptune; the last 2 degrees of Cancer rising. –Everything in that moment seemed to hang together: a delusional emotional situation coming to a crisis, and, within it all, the constant reference to “Am I gonna make it!”, which was the Aries component. Both these ladies had severe emotional anxiety at the same time.

What to do?

As in any negotiation, knowing what the other person needs is the key to success. You engineer the situation to please that need, and then you can pay attention to getting your way on some other level. What did this woman on the phone with me want? –In my mind, she was being asked for an answer to some complex inter-dependent emotional situation, and she was asking me for an answer to lots of concerns that were in between all her sentences.

I knew an answer, some answer had to be given. And this lady was calling me, the astrologer for that answer. So, I would give her an astrologically based answer based on the moment of our conversation. All the while, I knew completely, that the answer would eventually come from her, not from some astrological pattern or articulate astrologer. The answer was already there, if I could get her to get to it.

With two degrees to go for the New Moon (that’s about four hours of clock time), here is what I said: “I know that within the next four hours, something new is going to take place that will change the urgency of all this emotion, and the answer you are seeking will be clearer to you.” She pressed me further, and I continued, “Everything now is stalled, it’s too much water under the bridge; something new is coming, and it will be in about 4 hours.”

Now, I wasn’t really giving a full horary performance here (even though the issue was about living together … Cancer … the Moon coming to the Sun, etc.), I was planting a suggestion. There was a strong probability that her mind would take this suggestion and build some wish-fulfillment into it. She made sure to tell me that she thought very highly of me and knew of my reputation, etc., at the outset of the call, so I would be persuasive. She wanted to solve this emotional standoff and she was pre-sold that I could help her.

She said, “Really?”

And I said, “Yes; I really think so. You will have a new slant on everything.”

Now, while this is a dramatic, quick example of planting a suggestion, it is what goes on so often when we talk during a consultation about further development into time ahead. We are planting suggestions that are balanced carefully with our knowledge of astrology and our appreciation of the client’s patterned responses throughout past development. We are being paid for those comments, those suggestions.

Just three days ago, I was in consultation with a very celebrated businessman. There was a strong transit activity with the ruler of his fourth, and I inquired if there were any property for sale, on his mind right now. He said, there was, that he was trying to sell a very grand home in another country.

I reported that I saw everything coming together in April, the month ahead. I named some dates; the measurements were delightfully clear and eloquent. He smiled and said that his wife and he were planning a grand tour in India then. And I instantly said, “I hesitate on that, Sir; you’re needed elsewhere, managing this house issue.” –That statement flew out of me. I wasn’t startled because I’ve learned that that happens a lot with me. I knew my window was open.

It was clear that this statement did much within his thinking. He said, “Very interesting, Noel; just two days ago, my wife got a call from the travel agent who suggested that the trip may have to be cancelled because of the War in Iraq and because of the pneumonia virus, etc.”

I smiled and said so simply, “The house needs your attention in April.”

The gentleman did not work to salvage the trip. It was cancelled that afternoon.

It’s fair to say here that the astrology, through my experienced sensitivity made a suggestion to me, and I made a suggestion to the businessman. He was wishing for just what the suggestion promised; he didn’t really want to go on the trip, but he hadn’t been sure why.

Everything worked out, smooth as silk, and perhaps the Universe was making the suggestion of everything we discussed through me.

The mind is all.

The next time you are beginning a major suggestion to your client, prepare yourself: open a window in your mind; thoughts will go out and thoughts will come in. Ask yourself what does my client need out of this moment; what is right, here,what may already have happened?

If we can see into the future, the future has already occurred. I suggest that to you; we all wish for it to be so. Acknowledging this let’s things happen.