April 22, 2024

 A Cosmic Waste

Management of Measurement Constructs

A Cosmic Waste

For many years of utilization and many years into past research, the July 4, 1776 2:13 AM LMT chart for the United States (Philadelphia PA) has fared extremely well. Key have been the super-responsive 12-18 Aquarius Midheaven-Moon area and the Saturn rulership reference to the foreign-affairs 9th House holding Pluto, opposed Mercury, the Ascendant ruler.

This posting takes no steps to prove the national birth time, but it does take us forward in these bad times, unfortunately on strongly reliable grounds.

The past Neptune transit of the Midheaven area (2003-2007) reflected the total loss of faith in the party in power (10th House) and pointed a finger or two to oil crises and shoddy political machinations; at the same time SA Neptune was squaring the Midheaven!!! The accompanying Saturn transit through Cancer and early Leo (2nd and 3rd Houses) has driven the leadership mess, the critical financial drain, and the population mind-set further, now flooding strongly into the housing market (the fourth House).

Looking ahead hurts: see SA Mars arriving at the Midheaven October 2010!!!! This is a powerful attack upon the next president’s profile and perhaps his person. This is militarism. And see SA Saturn arriving at the Ascendant at the same time, Saturn ruling the 9th!!! –All of this is foreign deployment of our resources … enormous expense. It is vivified by the SA Ascendant having just conjoined Pluto in the 9th. Then, to top it all off, tr Saturn will be squaring the national Sun and conjoining its natal position … yes, the Saturn rules the 9th House.

And further: for many reasons -historical and practical– the United States is lashed with Isaac to the stone of Abraham. It is the tie with Israel that will soon be tested even further.

Israel’s horoscope (May 14, 1948 at 4:00 PM EET in Tel Aviv) for the critical timeframe April-November 2010, shows SA Uranus squaring its Sun (enormous energies of identity affirmation and protection) amid international duplicities (tr Neptune opposed Mars, ruler of the 7th, for the entire year. -All this began with the atomic-energy deception-rattling with Iran seen through SA Pluto=Neptune, and the constant airing of power-military threats (the 6th House, ruled by Neptune). And there are so many ties between the Israel horoscope and the United States horoscope …. Etc.

Iran (sticking with perhaps the most reliable of the times available: February 01, 1979 at 9:50 AM IRT in Teheran; 11 Aries 30 Ascendant), for this period in mid 2010, we see SA Pluto = Uranus, enormous assertion, revolutionary change of status. Accompanying this, triggering it, we see tr Saturn (ruler of the Iranian Midheaven) crossing the seventh cusp 9-11/2010. -All of this began with the deceptions about Atomic energy earlier (SA Neptune=Pluto) and a national leadership awakened to world prominence (SA Sun=Saturn, ruler of the Midheaven).

It all looks all too clear

And what a cosmic waste it is.

The management of oil can be a business rather than a weapon; the assertion of national identity can be developed not at the expense of others; leadership can work with inspiration rather than revolution; and religious faith can be a defining grace, not a coercive mandate. -These considerations are in our astrological symbology, also!