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Access notes for the Sexual Profile

Management of Measurement Constructs

Access Notes for the Sexual Profile

The reader is referred to the large discussion of sexuality inTyl- Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology (pages 553-625 especially) and toTyl- The Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationship.

In December past, two-time academy award winner Jodie Foster acknowledged in a public speech her long-term 15-year gay relationship. She and her lady have raised Jodie’s two children, conceived during their relationship.

For years, there has been much buzz-tension in the Hollywood community and, especially, in the homosexual media why Foster had not “come out” earlier. There are many reasons suggested by editors and pundits, but the fact remains that the ever-so-private –hidden—Jodie Foster finally made the decision to make her position clear. –This grand dimension of her life would certainly be important in an astrological consultation with her. How are we guided to introduce such a discussion?

Jodie Foster was born on November 19, 1962 at 8:14 AM in Los Angeles [Asc 17 Sagittarius 56].

We know that the 5th and the 8th Houses are keys to appreciating needs and development with regard to giving love, to relating through intimate personal values to others. If there is aspect tension with the planet(s) ruling the 5th or 8th House, discussion of sexuality for any possible concomitant problems, etc. is strongly suggested. Part of this overview involves having, not having, managing children as well.

Additionally, naturally, the 7th House becomes strategic because of its significance with relationship. If there is tension with the ruler of the 7th, the fit into the discussion of sexuality is clear.

Further: the involvement of the outer planets with regard to referents to the 5th, 8th, and 7th is notable .
As I have discovered and discussed here among the essays and in the Forum many times, the midpoint picture AP=Saturn/Pluto suggests “skeletons in the closet” (my words) and eventually the need to open the door. This picture often signals a tight hiding of sexual secrets (early life molestation, social/vocational strategy with being gay, etc.).

Foster shows Venus ruling her 5th, and this Venus is retrograde. This is always a suggestion of a complex emotional/sexual focus in life [please, please see the discussion of this particularly in The Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationship. –Additionally, this Venus-Rx is conjoined with Neptune and squared by Mars! A high-tension, suppressed focal point on the affairs of the 5th House.

Foster’s Moon rules her 8th House (holding Mars) and the Moon is conjoined with Uranus and (through Uranus) Pluto. –Mercury, ruler of her relationship 7th is key within the picture Mercury=Saturn/Pluto.
These simple measurements call attention to sexuality as a high-potential problematic concern that is hidden strategically. And open discussion about it in consultation would certainly be most fruitful.

Another high-profile television personage with much-talked about but not confirmed sexuality concerns is the star CNN international reporter Anderson Cooper. Conjecture about his sexuality seems everywhere, including the cover of gay publications.

Anderson Cooper was born June 3, 1967 at 3:46 PM in New York City. [Asc 19Libra03]

Cooper’s 5th House is ruled by Uranus, which is under high tension here through the conjunction with Pluto. Venus, ruling his 8th is lushly positioned at the Midheaven with Jupiter.

The ruler of his 7th, Mars, is challenged by the opposition from Saturn

And then, please note AP=Saturn/ Pluto (see above; see development in “Counseling Insights, Archives: October 30, 2005”) AND Node=Neptune/Ascendant: deception in relating to the public. Something is other than it seems.

Multi-award-winning actress/comedienne Lily Tomlin was born September 1, 1939 at 1:45 AM EST in Detroit Beach, Michigan [Asc 17Cancer35]. Tomlin “came out” in 2000 (with Mars=MH). –Immediately, with regard to the sexual profile, we see Pluto ruling the 5th House in square relationship with Saturn, ruler of her 7th! This is a challenging sexual profile strongly involved with difficult relationship dynamics.

The fabulous pianist-showman Liberace was born May 16, 1919 at 11:15 PM CWT in Milwaukee WI (Asc: 5Capricorn25]. See his Venus, ruler of the 5th conjoined with Pluto, exactly on the cusp of the 7th House. Additionally, Liberace’s Sun, ruling the 8th was squared by Saturn and Uranus.

Famed actor Rock Hudson was born November 17, 1925 at 2:15 AM in Winnetka IL [Asc:1Libra29]. His Moon was peregrine (living to the beat of a different drummer) and so was his Mars, ruler of his 8th and 7th. Additionally Pluto was opposed his Venus. –Remember, with a peregrine planet, the probability is high that the affairs of the House(s) ruled by the planet will be strongly emphasized. In Hudson’s case it is clearly the 8th and 7th.

Tennis Champion Martina Navratilova was born October 18, 1956 at 4:40 PM in Prague, CZEC [Asc 14Aries38]. Immediately we see Saturn square Pluto, ruler of the 8th, Mars opposed Venus, and AP=Neptune/Pluto (something other than it seems in terms of sexuality).

There are more measurements in each horoscope that fill out each of these pictures. All the references put forward in these study cases are highly reliable. –But what is required is for the astrologer to be prepared to discuss sexuality, relationship values, growth strategies, etc. with the client. With regard to sexuality in particular, the astrologer must work against value judgments on his or her part and objectively reflect and participate in the client’s developed position through informed, well-studied dialogue.

Please refer to the text references at the beginning of the article and to the “therapy” and self-help sections of your bookstore.