April 22, 2024

Advanced Notes: MHEP

Management of Measurement Constructs
Advanced Notes: MHEP
Refining Symbolisms

In the Midheaven Extension Process, we work to focus the individual’s needs and behaviors suggested in the horoscope into a House-denoted sphere of activity. A decidedly stated (and usually conspicuously reiterated) focus on a House through rulership routings suggests where the client will bloom best, where the client will feel fulfilled, vocationally. We will have brought the planets down to earth and we see action in a certain channel of vocational activity.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to establish what we can call “the anchor House”, just as 100 people gathering in a sports arena establish that an event is taking place, i.e., it is established by 100 people not necessarily 30,000.

We find that defining the arena is enormously significant to the client: confirmation of life’s work already in progress; vivid recall of opportunities longed for but missed in earlier development. We present the information to the client, and a richly strategic discussion ensues.

Wanting to advance our skill with the MHEP, we can search for more specificity in vocational profile. –For example, if the “entertainment industry” is defined by the horoscope (5th House anchor) –and that is most often enough to make the point and engage the client strongly– what can we add to that? How do we determine television performance over singing opera; how do we see theatre drama over the motion picture industry; directing over performing, etc.

At our present level of MHEP skill, we err by adding too many measurements –like bringing another thousand people into the arena– thinking we will discover the magic, refined specific. Indeed, sometimes this is possible and does happen, but basically we have learned that the simplest presentation of vocational milieu is enough to engage our clients attention; It is they who then add the refinements of interest and talents themselves!

Experience is research. –We have learned well that in the Law (the 9th House orientation, Jupiter involvement), for example, with extension to Social Services in the 6th, we get the feeling of “public defender”; with extension into the 8th, we get the feeling of “taxes”; and throughout we must entertain foreign projection and also publishing. –So often we talk about the “feel” of all this in analysis; this “feel” is experience . we pick up signals from the client that help us focus with greater specificity. We can see “Communications” giving way to the Level of “Sales”, for example, and, with the introduction of aesthetics, we can anticipate “luxury items” or artwork or cosmetics . with Saturn, antiques, etc.

We have learned how we are led to Social Services through Aquarian emphasis (Uranus, Saturn in Aquarius, etc.) and 6th House focus.

But then –to put us into our place this side of hubris!– we can ask, “What about Cooking? What about Julia Child’s horoscope; Rachael Ray’s; Emeril Lagasse’s? Is there a signature for being a “Cook”.

I think there is a mind-set that can help us: Each of these cooks had/have a lot to say. They sell books teaching their craft/art (9th and 5th); they’re on television (see Neptune). In their horoscopes, we can see writing, teaching, entertainment. So how would that be augmented with the specific of cooking.

Traditionally, we relate cooking with the Moon, Cancer, the 6th House (as a social services support activity), Virgo (food) and Mercury. With enough experience, we gain poise with the observation of “cooking” for a profession; the trouble is we astrologers don’t see enough cooks to learn about the profile.

Julia Child (August 15, 1912 at 11:30 PM in Pasadena CA) has an Aquarian Midheaven with Uranus* in touch with Saturn, ruling the 9th; Neptune is in touch with Uranus; Mercury ruling the 5th and Venus ruling the 6th are both in Virgo; Pluto! co-rules the 6th.

Rachel Ray (Bensics rectification: August 25, 1968 at 6:23 PM, Glens Falls NY) shows Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, and Moon (ruling the 6th) ALL in Virgo. Venus is in touch with Pluto-Mercury and rules the communications 3; Neptune is on the Midheaven.

Emeril Lagasse (October 15, 1959 at 7:40 AM in Fall River MA) shows Mercury-Neptune ruling his 9th and 5th in touch with Venus-Pluto in Virgo; the Sun rules his Midheaven and is in touch with Mars, ruling the 6th; the Moon is in the 6th.

These profiles ring helpfully in our outreach for a “cook” signature. There’s no doubt about it.

Let’s push what we’re learning further:

Bobby Flay is a very famous American chef, restaurant owner, and author of many cookbooks. He was born December 10, 1964. His horoscope shows Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo in touch with Neptune-Venus. –We certainly see the emergence of the profile.

Mario Batali is also a very famous American chef (restaurant owner, television programs, cookbooks). He was born September 9, 1960. His horoscope shows Sun-Mercury-Pluto in Virgo in touch with Moon-Neptune. His vast international scope (Spain and Italy) is suggested by Mars-Jupiter*.

This is impressive reinforcement of a signature developing for cooking. in relation to teaching through books and being a television cooking star.

But it’s not conclusive; it takes its place with all our other incisive insights as interpretative art.

Look at this horoscope: female, September 19, 1942 in Utica NY at 3:04 AM.

The MHEP keys on Venus<>Mercury, with Venus in touch with Saturn ruling the 6th holding the Moon in Capricorn. This suggests immediately and strongly the needs to be a perfectionist, a workaholic, in Social service, working with lots of people (Uranus, ruling the 7th in touch with the Node, the MH in touch with the Node, and Uranus in touch with Pluto). From the horoscope we can infer the woman’s needs to use discrimination, perfectionism, administering business with unusual people.

There’s a selection process suggested for sure. –And while there is lots of emphasis on Virgo and the 6th House, this does not fit the emerging “cook” profile (although this lady is greatly absorbed in cooking as a hobby; as she is with psychics and astrology . see Neptune involvement ruling the 8th.)

This lady needs to work with people and find the best in them. And she’s in the right profession: she happens to lead a big-time specialized personnel employment agency in a major city, networked through the nation.

But it’s not conclusive either; it takes its place with all our other incisive insights as interpretative art.

Fascinating isn’t it? The “feels” that speak from the symbols. –How valuable this technique is!

In the end, we follow the Process with what we know; we amplify our applications of symbolisms; our research eventually presents improved security; and above all, we have faith that when we set up our place in the proper arena, our clients will know where they sit too!