April 22, 2024

Arcing the Quindecile –New Research!!

Arcing the Quindecile! –Hot Stuff!!

No research has been done to date on arcing the powerful quindecile aspect [see “Analytical Techniques”, Archives August 1, 1999 and August 31, 2001]. I’m starting to do that research, and I have some immediately confirming evidence for its validity: obsession in action, in high focus!

Here is some of that evidence:

Do the horoscope of Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald: October 18, 1939 at 9:55 PM, CST in New Orleans, LA. Place the Solar Arc positions around Oswald’s natal horoscope for the JFK assassination, November 22, 1963.

Note two things: SA Ascendant=Pluto [Tyl: “The use of personal power.”] AND SA Pluto quindecile natal Mars. This quindecile was precisely in focus just 29’ of arc before (five months).

 How to measure the Arc projection of the quindecile: we know the quindecile measures 165-degrees, 15-degrees short of an opposition or 15-degrees past an opposition. Look at Oswald’s natal Mars: its opposition point is clearly 11 Leo 27. Now add 15 degrees (which means you are finding the position that is 165 degrees away from natal Mars) and you project to 26 Leo 27. SA Pluto is at 26 Leo 56, a clear-as-a-bell arced quindecile with a small orb of 29’.

The SA Pluto q= Mars suggests, “Extreme force; brutality; excessive effort.”

Draw the horoscope for the Purchase of New York City (a rectification by astrologer/historian Marc Penfield, with startling applicability,): May 16, 1626 at 9:33 AM, LMT in Manhattan. Place the Solar Arc positions in the outer ring for September 22, 2001, the date of the World Trade Center disaster.

You will see immediately that SA Mars=MC, “action, fire, change of status.” –Additionally, tr Uranus is exactly square the Sun on that day!.

Now: look at Pluto in the base chart: its opposition point would be 17 Scorpio 48. Drop back 15 degrees, and you come to 2 Scorpio 48, and there is Neptune! This means that, along with Mars=MC, there was SA Neptune q=Pluto (applying within 29 minutes): “Other realms seem to be involved with life occurrences; unusual problems; peculiar experience; concerns about death matters” and, certainly, subterfugal attack.

Draw NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw’s horoscope: February 6, 1940 at 3:40 AM, CST in Webster, SD. Put in the Solar Arc outer ring for February 6, 2000, when Brokaw made the decision to retire.

It is so easy to see the monumental SA Pluto applying to the Midheaven, exact in September 2001, with SA Mars exactly square to Venus, ruler of the Midheaven, with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun and tr. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant all through 2000.

But, go further: subtract 15 degrees from the SA position of Saturn and you come back to 10 Gemini, opposed the Ascendant, which means that SA Saturn at 25 Gemini is 165 degrees exactly from the natal Ascendant! Or simply guided by your eye, add 15 degrees to the Ascendant and you come to SA Saturn. The point is, we have here at this major time in Brokaw’s life, SA Saturn q=Ascendant, “controlled or inhibited personality, possible illness,” including certainly sober resolve for change of identity.

When Jackie Robinson retired from baseball November 1, 1956, tr Pluto was upon his Ascendant, SA Pluto q=Venus, ruler of his Midheaven!!!

When Johnny Carson had quadrupal by-pass heart surgery, not only were tr and SA Neptune upon his Ascendant (the health center) but SA Mars was q=Pluto, ruler of his Ascendant, a certain surgery measurement.

When Princess Diana died, in her son’s horoscope, Prince William showed SA Mars=Pluto, ruler of the Midheaven (one arm of the parental axis), SA Saturn=Jupiter, ruler of his Ascendant (his mother’s Midheaven, derivatively), and much more. But we can see so clearly –and painfully—SA Uranus exactly quindecile his Sun, a tremendous break-up of the status quo, a separation.

Final Note: it seems that there is no conditioning of the arcing planet with regard to it being involved itself in a natal quindecile or arcing to quindecile relationship with a planet having a quindecile relationship in the natal configuration. In others words, a pre-condition is not relevant. When the arcing planet or point comes to a quindecile with a natal planet or point, a focus of extreme tension and development is spotlighted. –I’ve been there: I suffered the beginning of my mid-life crisis with SA Uranus q=Sun, when I had to relinquish a long-held, determined dream for ascendancy in another profession, when time pushed me conclusively and ultimately into my astrological “mission.”

Let’s all be vigilant here, adding to the research so that, in a year’s time perhaps, we can know definitively about the correspondent manifestations we can anticipate through the arcing quindecile.