April 22, 2024

Astrologer Self-Assurance supports Client Confidence

Management of Measurement Constructs

Astrologer Self-Assurance supports Client Confidence

The astrologer, by definition, is a person of authority. The client comes for information and learning; the client pays for it. The astrologer better be good! 🙂

As the astrologer practices and learns about life and communicates more and more smoothly and didactically to clients, the astrologer is exhibiting and expressing self-assurance. I feel that this self-assurance is tightly tied to giving clients confidence in themselves.

During the consultation, discussion of developmental themes and their chronology throughout the life to date, establishes the accuracy of the horoscope and its birthtime, AND it establishes the communication bond between client and astrologer. Gradually, the two begin to talk the same language, if you will. All of this translates into authority for the astrologer.

With projections into the future, doubt, fearfulness, insecurity can easily return. The astrologer is doing her or his best to be rationally supportive. –The client so often replies with the customary, “Are you sure?”

Now, nothing –this side of cataclysm or accident– is going to occur without the client’s willful, creative, catalytic involvement. Nothing –this side of a miracle—is going to occur that has not somehow already been seeded.

A time continuum of growth within reasonable experience-attested potential must be established and clarified, and more often than not the astrological measurements time that impressively.

But there is always that anxious idea of “Are you sure?” –Somehow, for the authority invested in the astrology, the astrologer SHOULD be sure! This will comfort the client, but it opens life up to the possibility of brutally unbalancing disappointments and invites enormous ridicule of the astrologer and astrology if things don’t work out.

I like to work with probabilities. I can respond with, “if this and that fall into place … if the environment cooperates … if you are involved as we have planned, I suggest we can move up to 85-90% sure!”
None of us knows for sure, of course. –We can see, for example, the highest probability (see! It sounds good) for a move with strong Uranian contact with an Angle, especially the Ascendant, but we must remember that it takes certain conditions and time to move: there may be an inordinate amount of preparation involving house-sale/purchases, school schedules, job transition concerns, legal papers (especially for international moves), etc. There is lead time, lead time, lead time ever expanding in our supposedly push-button world. Look at the time span for a divorce –ten months to almost two years! –The concept of change has grander, more complicated dimensions than ever before. We can spotlight a period of time; we can discuss the probability and the ramifications one way or the other, and we can bracket the measurement target with rational commentary.

But punctuation within the larger picture is possible: “Yes, I am 90% sure, if you put out the feelers, contact those two friends you talked about in XYZCorp, you will have a job interview probably between June 20 and 24. [guided by Nodal activity, transits, Arcs] But remember, if you get the job offer, there’s a lot to deal with within this big change….”

So, we must realize that an awareness of gradualism and environmental support-reality is essential to showing sureness. –The client appreciates that, I promise you. The client can feel your circumspection. –All that supports client confidence.

How are you framing projections, predictions?

Noel Tyl