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Development Scenario over Eventology

Management of Measurement Constructs

Development Scenario over Eventology!

Please re-read the Notebook essay archived below, posted on February 20, 2001. It’s about in the horoscope and in life —theway to go for rich analysis in astrology.

There is a silent struggle going on as we learn astrology. The specter of fatalistic claims-to-fame from the past merge with Hollywood misconceptions and push us precipitously into the expectation of precise pronouncements from the horoscope. As a result, we tend to look throughout a lifetime for the motion of events.

This all-too-natural drive –we love the sense of control over occurrence– keeps us from searching for and studying the extension of development energies, the maturation of the seed to break through the crust of conditioning to reach the Sun.

It is very easy to see that process is more important than occurrence, since the process determines the occurrence, the outcome. For example, the process of understanding and harnessing the energy of the atom can lead to the development of an atomic bomb; if the process is correct, the bomb will exist properly.

If a little boy is conditioned/parented and coached properly into the native strengths he possesses, he can become a prodigiously successful golfer. Without the developmental process, the event of being the golf champion will not occur. There may be a trade-off of other values in the life development, but on this one point we can be clear: the process of development, into the genetically predisposed direction, can produce results that are fulfilling of expectation, i.e., that fit the plan.

A personal example: my mother had a dream for me, which she told me about repeatedly between the ages of 5 and 10. Her dream was for me to be an ‘opera singer.’ She used to say, “Nolie, someday you could be an opera singer or a brain surgeon”, and then we would listen to the two operatic recordings we owned; just she and I alone, with father having disappeared, reaching into the future through my mother’s eyes.

We were not very well-off in those years, yet my mother scraped up the money to buy a rickety old upright piano and to arrange for lessons. –I bloomed as a musician and, fascinatingly, as a singer over the next 10 years….and lo and behold was precipitously, serendipitously pushed into the opera world … and then followed a 25-year career as an opera singer! –How can that happen to a gawky boy living in a tiny apartment with a strange mother in a tiny town in the boondocks?

The point is that that the conditioning fell into my personal predisposition to be a creative communicator. My mother did not know my horoscope, but as you look at it, you see it now.

Now, what if you see this proclivity to creative communication (etc), but I tell you I’m an accountant? What has happened within the conditioning process to have such a different outcome that could have been possible? What was the short circuit? What were the detours?

Could/would the young boy have become a musical performer early on if his mother had died early on? What if the mother had become morbidly preoccupied with her ‘own thing’ and neglected the boy and his talents? What if the boy were lost among a flock of other children? What if the mother had never re-married and thus been able to afford an enhanced education for the boy?

The ‘what ifs’ are conjectures about the developmental process. And this developmental process is captured within the horoscope dramatically, through natal predisposition and the interlacing of arcs and transits thereafter.

Another example: Your client has Mars in Sagittarius. In short, this is an applied energy need for opinionation. But what if the significator of the 9th House is under high developmental tension? The chances are extremely high that the education was interrupted. THEREFORE, the probability is high that the person is low on credentialization, which means his or her opinions will not carry as much punch and stature as they must. THEREFORE there is probably an over-compensatory energy deployment set up to compensate for this, and belligerence would probably displace commentary.

You would check the age level of 18, for example, the arcs and transits at or just after that time to see WHEN such an education interruption might have taken place. You find it. Was it a precipitous marriage (involve of 7th House significator, Sun and Venus, Sun/Moon midpoint, etc.)? What purpose did the marriage serve? Escape from home? Why was escape necessary? “My father said women should be educated just to find a man? No way!”

THERE’s opinionation for you! Interestingly, perhaps the trait runs in the family….etc. etc. –And if this same person has Moon in Scorpio, for example, the reigning need to control etc., we are talking about quite an important developmental scenario!

Whew! Lots of words; lots of thoughts. But these insights become instinct to the creative astrologer [Please see “The Creative Astrologer”, especially pages 188-204, 222-234.] You learn how they follow one after the other. And the process takes about 2 seconds to check out!

Now, in this case scenario, if you went to the occurrence, the profile, assessment of the established persona that this person was a belligerent, opinionated, controlling force and was disrupting relationship mightily, etc., what you say about it that would be meaningful and helpful? –“Gee, you really shouldn’t be that way.”

But if you can trace the process of becoming, the developmental scenario that led to this state, you would have a meaningful analysis that could be discussed non-judgmentally with your client. It would be extremely rewarding.

You will then see so many hundreds of times in life how something like this Mars-in-Sagittarius syndrome outlined above THEN becomes a device for breaking relationships –belligerent opinionation mixed with idealistic structures– in order to avoid intimacy. –Aha: another level.

Your client and you will start to see the extraordinary developmental routines in effect and the concomitant waste of energies. [Please see “The astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality * Relationship”.]

**Please work your wonderful mind away from this-means-that eventology and appreciate thorough understanding of process, of developmental scenario. It is the extension of development not the motion of events that is key to analysis. THIS can help your client to self-knowledge and appreciation and change … and to extraordinary gratitude to the astrologer and the astrological process.