April 22, 2024

Development Scenario

Development Scenario

When we prepare a horoscope, we must get beyond measurement as soon as we can. We must begin to think in terms of a possible/probable scenario of life development. It is too easy to stare at a horoscope for a week, going over measurements time and time again; it is important to bring those measurements to life in terms of the guideline power they have to take us into a scenario of the client’s life development.

We are prepared to recognize and know these scenarios. There aren’t many, but they are all around us: in our lives, in friends’ lives, in movies, books, magazine articles. Patterns of development are so clear as to become cliches.

For example, in a woman’s horoscope (possibly born on a military base), you see the Saturn retrograde phenomenon, reinforced by developmental tension to the significators of the parental axis. You see two or three major ‘heavy’ Arc/Transit hits to the Angles during the first 18 years of life; you see heavy tension on the rulers of the 7th and the 9th.

These measurements -without any doubt-suggest to you a scenario of development: the father dimension is lacking (pages 35-48 in Synthesis & Counseling). He was probably away a lot, tyrannical when at home.

There were at least two major break ups in the home, much moving of location as well (breaking down peer group support systems); and a fleeing/escape from the home environment after high school through precipitous marriage (education interrupted in the process, anchoring a certain sociometric development level). Then, the unfinished business was re-enacted in the marriage.

As you absorb these measurements, your mind is creating an idea of developmental scenario; you are preparing the dialogue you will have with the client.

Why do you think home scene difficulties (parental axis, northern hemisphere; Saturn retrograde, Nodal axis configurations) relate so often to interrupted education? –It’s because there is little attention given to the child growing up, little push into college education; therefore the child wants to flee into his/her own family, to be free, to do things his/her way.

Why do you think home scene difficulties relate so often to self-worth crises and the sense of not being loveable (2nd and 11th House concerns, respectively)? Why are these so easily transferred into adult relationship?

You can answer these questions yourself hypothetically Ö if you ask yourself these questions! The purpose of astrological measurements is to stimulate these kinds of questions!!

After a while, these conceptualizations become instinct. Your mind begins to create them without your conscious effort to do so. This is the beginning of art in analysis Ö and art in the astrologer.