April 22, 2024

‘Didn’t Happen’ doesn’t mean ‘It won’t!’

Management of Measurement Constructs
’Didn’t Happen’ doesn’t mean ‘It Won’t’!

Astrology too easily feels “scheduled” to an extreme, to the end that, should measurements pass without manifestation in the client’s life, we think they won’t!

We hear this from people all too often: “Well, you said my life would change, and it didn’t.”

First of all, for any astrological projection to manifest, three considerations are vital: 1) the person’s reality must be focused in a way that can invite and support the occurrence; 2) the client must be engaged in the process of development; and 3) the environment must cooperate. These three considerations come down to common sense and a feeling of rightness that what should be, will be.

Projections fail because they are “way out” (impractical) … not in tune with the client’s reality, and are presented as pies-in-the-sky; 2) because the client is simply not engaged, involved, active, working to make things happen … waiting passively for the miracle doesn’t earn the pie; and 3) because being in the right place at the right time is important … the environment must respond as well.

A 38-year-old client and I –in May 2006– have just completed a long, rich discussion about her being in the wrong profession. She recognized how her life development never enjoyed the leadership and support for her interests in any profession. She had “made it” with her brains, and, indeed, one of her three Master’s Degrees was in the very field I was discussing! She worked presently in a different field.

The discussion came down to combining her three fields of expertise to work together under the umbrella of the vocational profile suggested by the horoscope. We enjoyed a strategically high-focus agreement.

At the same time, her marriage was desultory and she had just had conferences with a lawyer about ending it.

At the same time, she wants desperately to move to another city, to a place that would support a new life perspective for her.

–A lot going on! And is it any wonder? The lady shows SA Uranus=Ascendant and SA Saturn =MC AND SA MC=Uranus, all exact at the end of 2005. Smack in the middle of all this, tr Saturn has conjoined the seventh cusp.

I was excited about corroborating all the currents for change, and giving them substance and significance in terms of a new profession.

Respecting the application period of such powerful measurements, i.e., late 2005the measurements looked as if they had passed. It was May 2006, and the last measurement of the group was shining its last in separation. That would be it. –Or would it?

In my discussion, I pointed out that she was probably a bit late with the changes we were discussing. She replied with several reasons why that was not unreasonably, mainly her further advanced degree studies what would not end until two months still further into the future. –That would be July 2006. What if our appointment had not taken place until then? The discrepancy between powerful measurement focus and decisions for change would have been even more pronounced.

In other words, the heavy measurement signal looked perhaps as if it were passing her by.

I maintain that the decision for change had already taken place in the lady’s being. Perhaps she did not articulate them strongly or take the first steps to action –our consultation would be the catalyst for that. But those decisions were there, gestating, ready for the environmental open-window to be realized.

The lady was now on her way to the lawyer; she was formulating career transition.

Time Orb I think astrologers should loosen up their expectations for exactness. Our understandable insecurity in our work –to one degree or another– longs for tailor-made event-corroboration to fulfill measurements. If we are circumspect about what is needed in any life for measurements for change to manifest, we will be more comfortable. Knowing that exactness doesoccur does not mean that it always does.

Reports and records of highly dramatic predictions and fulfillments influence us –and many of them, mind you, are fudged slightly or considerably. We expect the same drama. We drive ourselves into our clients’ life circumstances sometimes intrusively in order to meet projected “deadlines.” I think we must adapt to reality considerations, and I have long called this concept “time orb.”

So often, measurements group themselves within a not unreasonable span of time: we can see one major Arc focus as the centerpiece, say, in June, with trigger transits before and after that fact, say, in February, March, July, and September. We can see the Secondary Progressed Moon making angular contact perhaps in September. Somewhere along the way between February and September –a seven-month period—the client and his or her environment will get together for significant life development.

We can zero in a bit better by locating a Tertiary Progression, with its sensitive measurements, that decidedly states a one-day time focus. Say we come to July 28 with the TP (led by TP Moon contact with an Angle)! This date can often be seen reliably as the “averaging reduction” of all the measurements in the period. It is a meaningful reference point.

Sometimes, this type of time orb management correlates with reality results that seem miraculous.

This type of thinking and practice eases the pressure on the astrologer and client alike. Through careful common-sensible discussion, we prepare a strategy that holds water. The comfort with the projection actually helps things transpire!