April 22, 2024

Doubt giving way to Vision

Management of Measurement Constructs

Doubt giving way to Vision

We must know that the two considerations doubt and vision are symbolized by Neptune. These considerations are not necessarily opposites; rather, they are states of mind orientated to different directions, past and future. Respectively, they retreat from the Now; they go past the Now.

When we doubt, there is usually weakness, diffidence linked with things past. “I won’t make it. Nobody cares.” Remembrance of these non-supportive things past conditions us and introduces doubt; we can’t easily conceive that things will improve since there’s a personal history of underachievement, bad luck, even victimization. We implode for avoidance and protection.

When we have vision, we are inspired, we breathe in ideas for an improved future. With this comes a bravura of confidence, a zeal; we vigorously anticipate the improvement of life, good luck, personal fulfillment. We explode expressively. It is contagious.

A recent client showed domination by the principle of his Mercury square the axis of Moon-opposed-Neptune. –This can signal the mindset for pervasive self-doubt; but this can also signal the shining mindset for vision. The orientation of this T-square was out to the public, with the key Mercury angular in Aquarius. What energies could my client show to the world … or would there only be retreat?

There was strong conflict within my client’s vocational profile : a dramatically clear statement of technology capabilities and needs, and also a pervasive need to perform social services, services to the public. The former brought in the money, the latter was lost in the shadows by comparison. –How were these drives going to get together? Could they get together?

Our consultation was taking place with the statement of Neptune=Moon, with tr Neptune square the Ascendant; as well, tr Jupiter was conjunct the Sun and there was the strong midpoint Arc picture of Sun=Moon/Pluto. AND all of this was under the accumulated Solar Arc semi-square. –Positive life change was in the offing; could my client pick up the gauntlet?

My client understood his position, but self-doubt dominated: how could he possibly augment, change, push forward his life in terms of “his true calling” to bring his technology skill into the birthing of the renewable energy field (wind) that could serve mankind so well in the years ahead?

The first concern would be to understand and respect the lifelong predilection to doubt (well annotated in the horoscope and corroborated in discussion). We accomplished this in a strong discussion. He was so eager to be free.

And then I said, very carefully, “When will doubt give way to vision?
He was stunned.

My client had never had support for his skills and potentials. –Noting an emphasized 11th House within present developments, I asked so simply, an assumptive question: “But you surely have support for these energy ideas now, among your friends, others who think similarly!” –!!!He in fact was in touch with several colleagues who felt the way he did; they were assessing the complementation of their individual skills for a new future … In short, all he needed was a jump start on his vision battery! The spark for the others.Astrology gave him that, and the consultation was enormously fulfilling. …Of course, he would keep his technology job, but he would advance unencumbered into his vision for the future. He would give it a shot.

There’s a whole body of knowledge ‘out there’ dealing with the powers of creative visualization, the powers of positive thinking. Even weight-loss programs have you visualize your more slender form; this dispels the less-than-positive self-image doubts accumulated over years of development. A New You can emerge.

We know how dangerously close to ego-wipeout we are through the symbolism of Neptune with an Angle. –We must understand this as nagging self-doubt, routinized over many years. It comes forward to be dealt with. And the antidote is to visualize something new, gain support for it … and enjoy it all.

~~As we concluded the consultation, wanting a moment of drama to drive everything home, I said, “Let me read you something a tall, well-known astrologer wrote in a book (smile) many years ago; it’s about one of the measurement pictures that has been leading our discussion today. [This establishes the words as fact, not as clever response within the present moment.] — (Sun=Moon/Pluto) I read from the Appendix of Solar Arcs“Tight team effort in relationship; special far-reaching plans, emotional excitement.”

He would carry these thoughts into his future. We were delighted.