April 22, 2024

Has the Future already Happened?

Management of Measurement Constructs

Has the Future already Happened?

Yesterday, planning a horoscope discussion, I projected the highest feasibility for a lady’s retirement; I saw it coming: second Saturn-return, very strong measurements involving the Midheaven, and Pluto=Ascendant.

Approaching this with the client, I said, “The suggestion here in the horoscope is for retirement, for major change of professional application, major new perspective for the future. –What do you have planned now for this period a year-and-a-half from now?”

In other words, your client senses it is going to happen; your client surely is planning for it. –Might it be that it has indeed already happened? How does one see oneself in that future time?


Theories have been presented that there is no separation between past and future, that all-time already exists, and that our concept of duration is only a clarification of focus, gradated progressively away from the most clear central point called the present. Mind-twisting hypotheses using the theory of relativity can logically prove a changing of subjective time sense when we are taken out of our normal objective world. Precognition in dreams constantly defies a time barrier and assimilates a future condition.

There’s a difference between “to project” and “to predict”. –To project is to ride with the inexorable flow, out of the past portion of time into the future portion; but to predict is to spring from one moment in the flow to another yet to come. The arched spring ignores the intermediate flow and seems to introduce potential error by bridging the causal developmental relationships yet to be accumulated.

For example: a businessman can project his rise in his company during the next two years. He projects his past performance into the future; he rides his time flow within his development space. His projection carries with it an expectation (assumption) of performance that has already been established behind him in time. The projection would be “If I keep going at this rate, I should be regional manager in two years.”

Now, a prediction could be made through astrology that he will not be with the company in two years, that he will not last! For reasons suggested in the horoscope, his time with the company would come to a halt. A new time-construct would begin with another company. The prediction, defying the projection, would consequently appear improbable, even absurd. –But is the aberrant prediction capturing an event that has already happened?

The distinction between projection and prediction is very subtle. A wall is erected against the unexpected, the occurrence not obviously programmed into the integral order of the past. –Rarely can an astrologer make a reliable prediction without seeing it as a projection of native potentials and the horoscope and real-life past. He works with and from the beginning of time, the birth moment. The flow of time for the astrologer neither stops nor begins with the present.

The Expanded Present the focal moment of the present has no duration, no measurable existence. It is impossible to postulate or prove a separate division between future and present, between apex and pyramid. The past is sure: it defines flow and promises a future. To stabilize ourselves existentially, we construct a present. We expand the so-called present backward into past time and forward into future time to give meaning to endeavor.

The housewife justifies her cooking early in the morning for a party that night. For her, the party later begins with the preparations now. –A businessman can justify his work by his plans for retirement security. For him, the accumulated benefits later begin with the preparation earlier.

Astrologers expand the present. We go back as far as possible: to the moment of birth. We work with the client’s own expanded present. We gather information for our study of life development. We measure capabilities and effectiveness of will. We participate in time and give meaning to a strategically expanded sense of the present.

We project within an arc of time, and that arc includes a future that probably has already happened. –Is creative visualization revelatory and even causal as well?