April 22, 2024

How do you tell a good Astrologer?

Management of Measurement Constructs

”How do you tell a Good Astrologer?”

I’ve been asked this question so many, many times; we’ve all been asked this question! What do we say?

My answer begins quite matter-of-factly: “You look into their eyes.” –I say this with a simple firmness, no poetical swoon. Instantly, it is clear that I’m answering in terms of the human being, the personality, the spirit, rather than exclusively in terms of astrological knowledge. I leave a pause there after the five words, for emphasis.

My answer then continues into “someone who communicates well.” –Now this is so important: all preparation and analysis in astrology is done in silence (except for the teaching dimension); it’s the communication of analysis and the dialogue that are accomplished aloud. We conduct a meaningful dialogue with the client based upon our well-prepared assessments and synthesis of astrological measurements. If we can’t talk well, the astrology crumbles; our reputation suffers; our client is let down and unfulfilled. And the word “good” in the original question is lost.

Answering this question creates a magic moment. Astrology suddenly takes on more dimension than expected, not usually ascribed to it by the unknowing. It’s akin to someone asking me/you “What do you do for a living?” When I say, “I’m an astrologer” and stop talking, that silence there, that beat of two within the conversation, summons up much poise, pride, and integrity. “Holy Smokes, this person is special!” The question must behave accordingly.

If you’re afraid to be known –to be outed!—as an astrologer, if you’re insecure about being an astrologer, if you don’t know well what you know and what you don’t know, it will show, it will emanate from you to the questioner.

The days are gone though, when doubters jump all over that kind of conversation. And if you say the words cleanly, firmly, with a light in your eyes, the magic becomes eminently credible. It persuades that there is more than what is cursorily known, and that that ‘more’ is important.

What could be an alternative reply? –“Well, the astrologer has got to know her stuff!”

What really would that mean? There are some pretty thickly credentialed astrologers out there who can’t communicate a damn thing, believe me. Their knowledge is text bookish and couples not at all with the flex and flow of individual reality. They work fatalistically because the interpersonal dimension is lacking.

“Well, Zeke Zodiac really does so well at the Church Bazaars every year, and his predictions are very well known!” –That may well be, but is the scope of his beingness –his humanity, experience, his intelligence—something that will include me, my situation, my level of life development, my process of becoming. Being entertaining with astrology doesn’t necessarily/automatically mean we are enriching with it. The personal dimension again is vitally in focus.

I have said for so long, so often: what we know about life is more important than what we know about astrology. –Think it through: the former makes the latter possible.