April 22, 2024

How the Horoscope seems to weaken

Management of Measurement Constructs

How the horoscope seems to weaken

My oldest client (some 35 years together) now aged 65 has enjoyed a marvelous international career (in some 75 countries) as a high-level management consultant for governments (Plutonic Midheaven). His horoscope now suggests extremely dynamic change/growth (centered about SA Uranus=Pluto) … but his professional life atmosphere is quiet.

Indeed, he has feelers out for some grand consulting activity –there’s “stuff” in the air– but the phone isn’t ringing off the hook the way it has for years.

In our discussion about this, we covered two points: the environment must cooperate with the personal potentials percolating to the surface –a dicey matter in this day and age, especially in the area of the world that is his specialty; and, second, I explained how the horoscope seems to weaken with age; priorities of expression, the press of individual needs, energy deployment patterns change, they shift their levels.

I have seen this in my horoscope life as well; gone are the halcyon responses to measurement signals that punctuated my career developments for so many years. Things have quieted down (even as I absorb so much Plutonic patterning now).

Let me share some thoughts about why this is. The answer is not in the astrology but in how the environment conditions the astrology.

Jupiter This archetype symbol prescribes our need and expectation of reward in our life. But how often does Jupiter’s later cycle in touch with its natal position, the Sun, or in Arc come and go while we stay put?! It seems that there is no explanation. –I suggest that this reflects Society overlooking the aging. Jupiter’s beard, if you will, has become too long. At age 60, there have been twelve cycles in transit. Has society had enough of us? –Who will hire a sixty-year-old? Who will give a 60-year old a raise? A grand opportunity?

Saturn This archetype focuses as ambition. But in later age, our ambitions shift into concerns for security. We can not risk the transient insecurities –all kinds—during periods of great change. –We can note that people are retiring earlier and earlier; no longer 65 but nearer 60, two orbits of Saturn.

Uranus With age, individuation energies tire; we’ve already sold ourselves the best way we know. Society says, ‘we’ve seen you at your best; you can’t model behaviors anymore to inspire others. Take a rest.’

Neptune With age, a spiritual sense grows to explain life. There’s a listening to inner voices rather than an expression of vision. Introversion is very much a comfort area. We lose the energy thrust of dreaming, and opportunities out in the world are veiled.

Pluto The older we become, the more we fear the end of things, the complications of critical illness. We become exceedingly absorbed in governmental (health and social security) programs to establish all the security we can. Our perspective (the greatest word for Pluto) changes strongly. We are not as powerful anymore. We act our age.

None of this shared above is negative, despondent, or designed to articulate futility. These thoughts simply help us establish level within ever-changing realities in our life. With age, we can’t promise ourselves as much as we could in earlier times; Seventy is not 40. And our astrology must reflect that. –With age, one isn’t hired often, ambition rests, answers are intuited, we seek to be proud of memories, and above all, we protect our health. And our astrology, with circumspection and light, must reflect that.