April 22, 2024

How’s Your Aura?

Management of Measurement Constructs
How’s Your Aura?

A student of mine, in all earnestness, asked me what she should do with people who request her to do their horoscope and expect “entertainment.”

–This is an important question for all astrologers just starting out: they are accumulating powerful knowledge if they are well taught and well studied; they have sincere dedication, but not the experience yet to establish a reputation; so people come to the astrologer, or they respond when the subject comes up in conversation, with the uninformed view about astrology as entertainment. At that stage of development, the astrologer is probably not charging even a minimal fee, and that makes things all the worse! [If people do not pay for astrological discussion, the astrology is not valued.]

I replied that that would soon change, because her aura would be changing! –I felt it peculiar that I made a reference to “aura.” What was I really saying?

Our aura as an astrologer is what others perceive about us when they discuss astrology with us. They perceive our aura by what we say, how we say it, how we look and sound when we say it. –Think of the process you go through when you meet a new doctor, dentist or tax-preparer, or the contractor who is going to do work on your house. You evaluate the person in many ways, very quickly but precisely in relation to your needs.

If we fidget and stutter when we talk about astrology, we don’t give a good impression, do we? We appear unsure, not qualified by our knowledge and certainly not in focus with any talent. –Suggestion: be very still; keep your eyes on the person’s mouth (to keep your gaze steady) and speak smoothly, earnestly, using a few power words or phrases like “introspection, rich discussion, developmental tensions, concerns for fulfillment, tactical strategies.” These words are out of the ordinary stream of conversation and alert the person that there is something special going on with you and your astrology. Write something out and practice it a few times; sound professional.

If we use sloppy speech and bad grammar, we sink our boat before we sail. –While people may not know correct grammar, they do respond to it!! This is very, very, very important. “Just between you and me (not I); “She and I will talk …(not her and me will); You know that better than I (not ‘than me’) …she is a faster learner than I (am); “The book is lying on the table (not laying) … I laid the book on the table, just where it is lying now; listening instead of list’nin’, bringing instead of bringin’” Etc. “We’ll be discussing“ … not “We’ll be discussin’…”

If a person is with you in your home and you begin to talk about astrology, what will the person see when he or she looks at your work area? Do you have your books neatly organized and displayed? Are things clean and orderly? Does it register as a private place?

All of these considerations are common sensible considerations, which accumulate an image for your prospect. The image of you as astrologer will register clearly between you and her/him, and expectations of something frivolous or entertaining will fade away rapidly.

Look into your eyes. What do you see? Do it! What do you feel? Tape-record an astrological conversation with someone; what do you hear? –How many “uhs” are there in the first five minutes? How long did it take you to say something important, which shows that you prepared for the discussion!

**May I please repeat, that much, much of this is covered in the book The Creative Astrologer, see BOOKS on the MENU page.