April 22, 2024

Keeping Time in Memory

Management of Measurement Constructs

Keeping Time in Memory

Constantly, in learning and practicing our astrology, we look into our own lives through the symbols and their ever-changing patterns, the Arcs and Transits. We look back to November 1975 or April 1952 … and we simply can’t remember enough of the life situation to give detailed substance to the guideline measurements. It’s difficult to remember in that pot-shot way. It’s frustrating.

Continuity memory is easier: we zero in on a major change-event in our lives and then develop recall up to and then out from the event; we link one happening to another.

Think how difficult this is for our clients as well: we dig into their life development with specific date references and expect instant, accurate recall! For me in my development, patience within this process was one of the most important things I learned as a consultant. There must be respect for the vagaries of memory under the pressure for recall.

In my own life development, I wish I had kept a notebook –an astro-diary— to which I could refer quickly and surely for research about Arcs and Transits that have occurred.

Not only are specific astro-times important for their own sake within our development, but their defining crucially sensitive areas in our horoscope that can become extremely important strategically. For example, illnesses may be keyed over and over again to a 3-4 degree span in the horoscope, and through rulership or occurrence relate to the 12th House. With accumulated experience and numbers of years, a high reliability for projection of the next possibility of illness can be established in relation to Arc and/or Transit activity involving that degree span.

All of this is pretty elementary, I know; this is what skilled astrologers do in their preparation and for which they seek out corroboration during consultation. BUT, the fact remains that it is extremely difficult to determine the empirical guidelines without preparing a schedule, a scheme, without the AstroDiary.

I suggest that you consider making an AstroDiary –begin right away, building the astrological portrait of your development as earnestly as you can. Gradually recall developments throughout as much of our life as you can. Inquire about the developments from family members. You are actually outlining an astrological biography! –Do a little bit every day; enjoy the form you create for the notations; just look at what richness of learning and understanding you will uncover and have at your fingertips for all times ahead.

Research You can begin your own little research programs. If your AstroDiary is in a WORD program, you have search capability. You can key into all Quindecile arcs, bringing up the keyword from throughout many years of your life. You can search out a possible trigger to the quintile measures you’re so proud of. You can sketch conclusively the architecture etched transiting Saturn in relation to your Sun, Moon, or what-have- you!

With a marriage or a birth, your AstroDiary can include others as well.

In a very short time, you will have caught up with yourself from out of the past and be very prepared to anticipate your further development.