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Mundane Overview: Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, U.S.

Management of Measurement Constructs
Mundane Overview: Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, U.S.,

[This essay was posted on September 22, 2001 at 10:09 AM, on the Discussion Forum of this website. I am re-posting it here, with just a few text clarifications, because of the instructive techniques involved in the overall portrait of the 9-11 crisis and the positive reactions I have received from many Forum participants.]

The Kingdom of Iraq Chart is well-timed and reliable: August 23, 1921 at 6:00 AM in Baghdad. [An Associated News Dispatch from Baghdad reported in the August 24, 1921 edition of the NYT, describes the formal recognition of the kingdom of Iraq, the assumption of the throne by Faisal on August 23, 1921 at 6:00 AM. A great gathering was witness to the event, and Sir Percy Cox read the proclamation of the kingdom and brought personal best wishes from England’s King George. -Sunrise is very important to Islam, the symbolic renewal of life very day. Sunrise that day was at 5:34 AM in Baghdad. British civility prevailed for ceremonies at 6:00 AM. See research in Tyl, “Prediction in Astrology,” 1991.]

Campion agrees: this “horoscope [Kingdom of Iraq] for this date deserves to be taken as a national chart in view of the fact that an entirely new state was being recognized for the first time.”

This chart allowed me to publish the predictions about the start (and end) of a war with the United States (the Gulf War), exact to the days, long before the fact [see Tyl, Prediction in Astrology].

In relation to the WTC Tragedy, America’s “New War”, it is important to note with this chart that the Iraq Moon at 19 Aries is conjoined with the Afghanistan (Islamic Occupation) Venus [Apr 25, 1992 at 00:00 AM, Kabul], AND the Afghan Jupiter at 4 Virgo is precisely conjunct the Iraq Ascendant. -This is superb partnership indeed, suggesting much cooperation. That the Afghan Uranus-Neptune rising conjunction is tightly quindecile with the Iraq Ascendant tells us that rationalizations of spiritual justice will prevail in whatever the two countries agree on.

We can note as well that the Iraq Neptune at 14 Leo is exactly square the Bush Inauguration Ascendant: deception galore. [An echo of the tr Neptune exact square with the Afghani Midheaven in September 2001.]

As we build our understanding of all this, we must consider as well the following:

In May-July, 2002, Baghdad will absorb the Pluto=Neptune (semisquare) Arc: an enormous intensification of deception in relation to other countries (Neptune rules the Iraqi 7th); “rocking the boat, and people approving the motion,” i.e., with allies. At the same time, there is Ascendant=Pluto (sesquiquadrate): “the use of, involvement with, power.”

Against this ominous background, Iraq will have tr Uranus exactly opposite its Sun and tr Saturn=Sun/Moon, May-July 2002.

Baghdad will be highly implicated in the world terrorist scene at this time, in my opinion.

I would like to go a bit further with this, quoting directly from my work Prediction in Astrology, published 10 years ago, focusing much on the Great Conjunction cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, which has been curiously overlooked in the astrological discussion of these times now. This Great Conjunction is ALWAYS a key vanguard of times to come (for some twenty years until the next Great Conjunction), when its partile moment and picture are related to capital cities of nations on the earth.

“The Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction chart in 2000 [shows us the conjunction] back into the Earth Family. It is alarming: May 28, 2000 at 11:05 AM, EST in Washington D.C.; Asc. 28 Leo27, conjunct the Iraqi Sun-Mercury, by the way! Uranus powerfully squares the Great Conjunction in the 10th House in its own sign, ruling the 7th: other nations, warring or otherwise.

“The Sun of the 2000 (Great Conjunction) chart is exactly conjunct the United States Ascendant (the 7-Gemini Ascendant chart). The prominence of the United States’ role into the next years is undeniable. It will be belligerent. We can see that transiting Uranus will conjoin the United States Moon in the Spring and Fall of 2000 ….The last time (one Uranian cycle ago) that Uranus conjoined the US Midheaven and Moon was during 1915-1917, signaling our complicity in World War I.

“It is important to note that transiting Pluto will be in the second decanate of Sagittarius (the Mars decanate) and will have just crossed the United States Descendant, opposing the national Ascendant in January-May 1998 etc… [All the measurements accumulate a picture of] great alarm, especially with the pressure on the U.S. Midheaven having a history symbolically linked with war involvement and with the Pluto symbolism linked to Atomic energy.

“The Solar Arc background measurements for the United States throughout that time are SA Uranus=Sun/Pluto (tremendous sudden change and upheaval; the arcing planet ruling the U.S. Midheaven); SA Pluto=Uranus, another powerful picture of transformation, explosion, radicalism, and the application of force, with Pluto, the arcing planet, ruling the United States 6th, the Armed Forces, and, again, with Uranus ruling the Midheaven.

“[What will be roiling up at this time, the close of the century and the beginning of the new] will indeed be on behalf of another nation whom we must defend in our eternal vigil as custodian to the countries of the world.

“That nation will be Israel, and it will continue to be Israel [as well as ourselves]. -The Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 is at 22 Taurus 43 and tightly conjoins the Israel Sun at 23 Taurus 37! [Israel unquestionably, without any doubt whatsoever, born May 14, 1948 at 4:00 PM in Tel Aviv]. The Conjunction chart Uranus opposes the Israel Mars which itself is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of the Conjunction Chart, as viewed from Washington D.C.

“The final note here for this overview is that the Sun of the 2000 Great Conjunction chart is precisely upon the United States Ascendant, identifying the United States with the entire symbolic force of the Great Conjunction …the force for justice!”

–Important observations. We can never lose sight of the portents symbolized by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle.

[It helps to have the charts before you while reading all this. I’ve tried to keep it as clear as I can. ]

The point that is extremely strong is that even 10 years ago, just before the Islamic regime-change in Afghanistan, we DID see the enormous build-up of early new-century world strife. With the arrival of the Afghan Islamic regime, we could have seen the crisis for September 2001. YES. [See David…Tyl…postings 18 September at 9:46, 11:07, and 2:04 on this Forum, hopefully within your files].

With the election of our new president, we would have seen the congruence with his ACG lines in Afghanistan. YES. And his Inauguration chart would promise, as well, the confrontation, as we have already discussed. And perhaps the extraordinary surprise measurements of the NYC “Manhattan Purchase chart” (May 16, 1626 at 9:33 AM, LMY in Manhattan, work by Marc Penfield) would have focused us again into September 2001 with its dynamite explosive, exact measurements for September 11: SA Mars=MC, 51′ of arc applying; SA Neptune=Asc, 36′ or arc applying; SA Pluto=Venus, 30′ of arc applying; tr Uranus opposed Uranus, ruler of the 7th (enemies) exact. -these measurements -and the very base chart itself-defy understanding. But the portrait is clear: attack by enemies on Manhattan, through explosions, abetted by subterfugal activity to deceive the nation.

The point is that the measurements of astrology are growing in sophistication in their application to Mundane historical events. The point is we are learning to be confident with drastic portents about our own life and future. The point is that through crisis, Astrology comes of age.

Look at how much we have learned. Look at how much strong and detailed a warning there could have been if our effort had been more concerted, more focused on the side of our preparation, and if our effort could have been channeled to attract government recognition and respect. -That day will come.