April 22, 2024

Neptune Eye Flutter and Saturn Ring Finger

Glimpses into Analysis

The “Neptune eye-flutter”: whena person flutters the eyelids rapidly (for sometimes 3″ seconds!), withthe eyes just about closed, note that it occurs when a statement of opinionis called for, when the first person singular is used. This suggests atenacious, pervasive Neptune function in the horoscope.

A man has Neptune conjunct Venus-retrogradein the 8th House, Venus ruling the mind-set 3rd: “Please let me share withyou that I notice you flutter your eyelids like this · every time you statean opinion. Yes, really. I’ll call your attention to it a few times,ifI may. But what do you think of when you do this?” –You are lookingfor a sub-text, a second agenda, perhaps a process of censorship for defense.

Just think what other people -employers,personnel managers, loan officers, etc.- think when this man does this.The flutter manifests easily as preoccupation, not speaking directly, censorship.What is the filter protecting? How can this be adjusted to take advantageof the strengths of the horoscope, to communicate them directly?

“The Saturn Ring finger”: When someonewears a ring on the Saturn ring finger (the third finger of either hand)on one hand or the other or BOTH, and the ring is not just a cosmetic accent,occasionally worn, etc., a statement is being made that focuses on thecondition of Saturn in the birth chart. The “planets are within”, and here,through the ring, is a tip off that the Saturn principle in the horoscopemust be heard.

Idealism is suggested by the conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and/or Venus,often augmented by relationships as well with Jupiter and/or Neptune, andNeptune oriental (rising last before the Sun does). Idealism must be discussedin the horoscope analysis because of its use as a defense mechanism. Significatordynamics focus the anchor of idealism among the Houses. [Further study:Tyl, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, pages 105-112]