April 22, 2024

Our Frame of Mind

Management of Measurement Constructs

Our Frame of Mind

How often do we forget we’re human?

How does frustration in our life –a momentary struggle with a project … or a chronic state of being—change how we relate to others, how we do our astrological work?

How does personal bias arise –criticality, displacement, projection– to assert ourselves against what might be threatening? What about being in a confrontational mode as reaction to our feeling questioned or attacked? What about jealousies cooking on the back burner? How Ego-threatened are we? Why is that assessment necessary?

How do we deal with our likes and dislikes: from a person’s personal appearance, to the sound of his or her voice, to age, to reactions different from ours? Do we disrespect the client? Does the client think less of us?

How do we assimilate human differences productively, the heterogeneity around us? What about opinions within our astrology work?

How do we try to improve in what we do, especially in the presentation of what we know?

Do we know what we don’t know?

What about listening to a tape recording of ourselves … several minutes worth? What do we learn from that?

What about our client’s frame of mind? Isn’t it dealing with considerations similar to the considerations ours deals with? What kind of chemistry occurs in our frame of mind when we begin our work?

Are we comfortable receiving compliments? Are we comfortable giving them? How sincere are we?

Do we think our astrological learning has gone far enough? How content are we? If we want to grow in our work, what kind of plan do we have to do that? How will we improve?

How proud are we to be an astrologer? How often do we not own up to that in conversations?

How can we best help the people around us, working with us, teaching us, learning from us?