April 22, 2024

Pluto as an Adverb

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Pluto as an Adverb

“Babe Ruth hit a homerun.”

“Babe Ruth, with a tremendous effort from his hugely muscled shoulders, hit the ball up and away, enormously far into the sky, dramatically out of the park!”

The difference between these two statements is that the second one has adverbs in it, grammar’s great devices to capture dimension related to the verb of the sentence: how someone did something, how far, how loud, how long; whereto, why. In Astrology, Pluto is an adverb; it’s an exclamation point!

Sure, the second sentence is wordy, but that’s not the point: the point is it is wordy with adverbs, picturesque developmental words that animate the meaning of the sentence. The statement comes to life.

As we build Perspective in our life development, we are working with “hows” all the time: how much do I understand; how do I go about understanding it; how much can I say, do I need to say; how do I say it; how much do I love; how do I show it; how far can I go; how long can I continue the effort, etc.?

Pluto in conjunction, square, or quindecile with an Angle (Midheaven or Ascendant) suggests heightened personal drive strongly projected to establish personal perspective. Sometimes, this process ranges from power struggles in early home life well into adulthood; but always with society in general. -Probably Billy Graham. Christine Jorgensen. Uri Geller. Jane Fonda. Yasser Arafat. Edgar Cayce.

[For Pluto relationship with the Sun or Moon, please see the current “Counseling Insights” essay.]

Pluto in hard aspect with Mercury is going to suggest heightened perception. How far into things will I be able to see? How will I be able to communicate what I know? How will my mind establish who I am? Of course, the Sign holding the planet being aspected by Pluto (adverbialized) sets up the descriptive terms. If that Mercury is in Capricorn, just imagine the perspective established about needing to hear the grass grow (Grant Lewi’s most appropriate phrase)! –In other words, with Pluto’s extremism, in aspect with this Mercury in Capricorn, one would really need to hear the grass grow!! See Pope Benedict XVI. Noel Tyl.

Pluto in hard aspect with Venus can easily suggest too much emotion pounding on the door, therefore a waste or misuse of emotions, temperament, an easy opening to frustration. How will the person manage the excess? –How did Christine Keeler (emerging from a tawdry modeling circuit to igniting the Profumo spy scandal) manage emotional, relational things, with her Venus-Rx in Aquarius, supercharged by Pluto? How about Lee Harvey Oswald, with a Venus in Scorpio? Woody Allen. Tammy Faye Bakker.

Pluto in hard aspect with Mars can easily light a fuse to a stick of dynamite! This is persuasion; strong drive; lots of energies. -Feel the adverbial modification within the aspect relationship. [Just feel it; you need not describe it!] General George Patton’s Mars in Virgo; how could greater efficiency (circumspection) with exacting demands better have saved ruffling the army’s feathers?

Pluto in hard aspect with Jupiter is intriguing! Most simply put, Pluto adverbially expands the opportunities and rewards symbolized by Jupiter [Fascinatingly, the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint strongly articulated so very often suggests extreme good fortune, wealth, optimism, etc.: Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto for Opra Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Cher, etc.; Sun=Jupiter/Pluto for Elton John]. Whoopi Goldberg. Bill Gates.

Pluto in hard aspect with Saturn [Please see the current “Counseling Insights” essay]. Here, Pluto adverbially colors the extent of expression for ambition; it demands so much, the risk of failure is ever present. Franz Kafka!

Pluto in hard aspect with Uranus [please see current “Counseling Insights” essay]. Here Pluto is adverbially emphasizing individuality within the drive to be. Is this the rebel with a cause? Woody Allen. Pope Benedict XVI. Edgar Cayce.

Pluto in hard aspect with Neptune will most frequently focus spiritual or off-beat sensitivities, adding an idealistic rationale to the expression of personal energies and perspective. Rationalization can become an art form. [-It is an important historical note that the senior leaders on all sides of World War II were born with natal Pluto conjunct Neptune. Hitler, Eisenhower, Patton, Rommel, Montgomery, Rudolf Hess, etc.]

Is it any surprise, really, that Union boss Jimmy Hoffa had natal Pluto quindecile his Midheaven, his career-power driving his life . and death? That’s an adverbial extreme!

How about Emperor Hirohito, the god-man leading a nation in conquest, living through the rebellion of Pluto-Uranus in opposition!

How about George Gershwin whose modern music was his different path, with Pluto quindecile Uranus and Pluto tied to Mercury —what conceptualizations!

These are the big-time energies that all Babe Ruths use to say their piece. Some knock the ball out of the park, some hit a pop fly. But for all, Pluto challenges us to connect with potential.