April 22, 2024

Resistance to Change

Management of Measurement Constructs

Resistance to Change!

It seems that everyone wants change, and, yet, it is amazing how many people fear change and resist it!

People want change in their life as escape from routined underachievement, unhappiness, depression, prolonged crisis, but they are afraid of the transient insecurity during the change. They are afraid of losing the security they do have: the status quo, the predictability of even the poor state they are in!!!

This kind of stolidity is associated quite keenly with the archetype of Taurus, quite specifically the Moon in Taurus, the reigning need to resist change, to keep things as they are no matter how far short of the ideal they fall (or, when freed, to create the ideal one knows should be the rule).

Energies symbolized by the other Fixed Signs can certainly reflect this kind of resistant mix. They all say “Stay put! –if change is going to happen, it will happen, but I’m not giving up what I’ve built –it’s maybe not the best of worlds, but it’s what I’ve accomplished, and that’s the way it is.” –This is clearly part of Scorpio energies, not to leave “control-central”.

The indomitable faith in oneself of the Leo energy really needs to be drawn out and away from the old way of doing things by appreciation and acclaim, allowing sureness that they will not lose status in the change. And the Aquarius energies, though theoretically ready to spring off a cliff at any time, really need much cultivating of Ego specialness to promote the show of brassy confidence in the face of change. Withthat confidence, we can see a rebel with a cause, an innovative thrust, the Aquarian energies actually leading the change!.

If these status-quo energies are not met, recognized, evaluated –for all of us, with all Signs— there is great insecurity in the face of change. –How many, many, many times have I mentioned a time period in a person’s past development, suggesting relocation or job ascendancy, or building a house, or going into business for oneself, etc., only to hear “Well, I waaaanted to do that, but …” It would finally happen about two years late(r), or not at all, i.e., the train really off the track.

The client begins to realize the delayed reaction, the timidity. The diffidence gets worse with time, as family responsibilities multiply: “Well, the children have their school thing in high gear, their friends and all …” –Are the children, for example, being used as a substitute for, “I’m scared to go for that big job; I might fail.”

So, a major role for the astrologer is not only to define the time and direction of opportunity for change but to reinforce carefully, creatively, realistically, the client for his or her confidence. The counsel becomes a strategy planning session, balancing bare, bold, common sense variables.

Client example With extremely disciplined thinking (Saturn square Virgo Moon, Mercury trine that Moon), my client was seeking her way clear, out of several imbroglios in her life, key to which was a relocation coast to coast.

Her Sun-Venus-Mercury triple conjunction in Taurus was an enormous anchor. She was frightened about the relocation plan … it would have to be ideal for it to work; could astrology help?

She had to be sure. That certainly was reasonable; but the demand here was Taurean-intense.

The measurements now, this June were superb: “All the thought about this, all the communications you are having from friends on the coast (at her new anticipated location) are superb … all that’s indicated … RIGHT NOW. –But I suggest very strongly, the relocation is NOT now … that would be premature!” [And you could hear the silence on the phone as if light were shining through ice!] –I was heading for the astrological “action” the accumulated Solar Arc Semisquare due next April, in 2004!, with a background of SA Sun=Mars, ruler of her 10th, and SP Moon conjunct Sun!!! [Remember: for major change development, an angular measurement is practically required, and/or heavy contacts with Sun or Moon.]
***I was clearly being “honest” to my craft; I was not trying to please the client with premature encouragement and celebration; rather, I was sounding the rational bells over the development of time that would add up to maximum security within the thrust for change.***

“I think a lot of planning can go on now and these other problems can start resolving themselves, but it’s not going to get off the ground and onto the other coast until probably next April!!” –My client was suddenly relieved, even jubilant: “In March –and I’ve already talked to the broker about this—I will put my house up for sale; I have to wait until then because….” –The astrology had “seen this” time focus; now, everything I was suggesting had maximum authority for the client.

There’s much more here, of course, but the framework shows us that the astrology –the bold astrology statements— led into her reality, emphatically. The pressure was on to hear corroboration of her fondest hopes, but THIS corroboration was formidable, it was rationally anchored is the revelation of time!

–This is a technical way of saying that resistance/fear of change, no matter how desired it is, needs measurement dynamite to affect it, and that not only requires Angular measurements but, as well, an astrologer with an “angle”, the capacity realistically and strategically to build up security en route. When I said, “And isn’t it wonderful how much your friends there –already communicating with you about this—isn’t it wonderful how much they want you to come, how successful they KNOW you will be!?, God was happy in his heaven … and so was the client!

And it helped that, with just a wee bit of Astro*Carto*Graphy, aided by my client’s earlier mention of the coastal state in a general way, I was able to name the exact city that was her target!!

***When a client is facing change, know there will be resistance to that change in varying degrees –sometimes, very pronounced. Feel empathetically, but be wise. Measure for the angular times and then build, build, build confidence every way you can. Your client will no longer be alone in the midst of a very important time of life.