April 22, 2024

The Consultation Horoscope

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The Consultation Horoscope

It’s uncanny how the horoscope set for the time of the consultation appointment so very, very, very often captures the essence of why the client has made the appointment for the consultation!

So often, when a client appears to be late for the appointment or has called in about getting lost, etc., I have watched the Ascendant inexorably head for a critical position: a major focal point in the client’s natal chart! That point is reached, and the client arrives.

The prime variables for the consultation chart synastry with the client’s natal horoscope are the Ascendant, the Midheaven, and the Moon … not much more. [Other “measurements of the day” are all included in the general state of the client’s development, of course, as transits, but the Angles and Moon of the consultation chart, these variables can be like electric buzzers at your front door at consultation time.

On April 25, 2003, I had a consultation appointment by telephone to my office in Fountain Hills, AZ. The call was scheduled very pointedly by my client, dictated by her busy-day circumstances that workday morning, etc., for the time that equated to 6:30 AM, my time (MST or PDT). –While that is not necessarily unusual for my work schedule, it is decidedly a statement of some kind. That time strategically chosen must have a message in it.

The consultation horoscope is classic: Mars is on the MC square the Sun in the 12th, ruler of the 4th. This immediately suggests major job disruption concerns that can possibly involve a relocation (different home; references to the 4th). A job-change anxiety that may involve selling the home and going away.

The link to my client’s natal horoscope included the consultation chart (CC) Ascendant exactly on her Mercury. This moment, then, reflected her mindset strongly.

My client’s natal horoscope showed tr Jupiter upon her Sun and transiting Saturn on her 4th! –A big reward potential stimulating, accompanying a new professional start (Saturn rules her Midheaven)!

–And that’s all there is to it. I felt absolutely convinced why the consultation was being made.

I learned the following: my client had just been advised that she was being forced out of a high-level management position in an industry threatened by the nature of the national current financial unrest. She was now planning to ‘escape,’ to go some 2,000 miles away to a new life, uprooting everything … and she was extremely anxious about the transient insecurity, her re-employment profile (at age 41) etc..

The Jupiter dimension, which I ascertained had always paid off for her in the past, i.e., increasing probability of significant success here in this time of upheaval, promised that job relocation would be successful and began to tell us when that would occur. –Tr Jupiter on her Sun and tr Saturn on the fourth cusp were corroborated by the CC and became the timers to which we had to listen and react!

–Yes! It begins to feel like a horary situation, doesn’t it, this kind of analysis in support of the natal horoscope.

A second example: that same day, April 25, at 3:00 PM. MT –an unusual time for me (I do not do consultations in the late afternoon or evening because of the length of my workday), done to accommodate the client.

The CC showed no angular contact with the lady’s horoscope, but the CC Moon was precisely opposed her natal Pluto, ruler of her Midheaven: there is a value judgement going on about her job.

Additionally CC Neptune was tightly opposed her natal Uranus in her 7th, ruler of her Ascendant. –While this contact is not specific to the consultation moment, it is the bridge into her natal disposition: relationship problems, coinciding in time with strong job re-evaluation.

Lo and behold, my client’s natal development at this time revealed tr Neptune on her Sun, ruler of her 7th(!) and the accumulated semisiquare Solar Arc approaching in the next three months! –Complete corroboration between the two charts.

*****This use of the consultation moment is a very interesting tie-in with the natal chart—and I urge you to do it for all your consultations for a while and see what you learn from it. [You don’t even need to print it out; just look at it on the screen, glean something from it, and THEN save it for study if it’s strongly applicable.) If there is no immediate applicability, forget it. –For example, when I am seeing clients in city not where I live, I sit in the hotel suite and see perhaps 7 people every day for two or three days. The appointment times don’t seem to ‘carry a message’ because they are arbitrarily dictated by a cold schedule that is in turn dictated by my availability etc., NOT by client need. I do not even consider the CC then, under those circumstances.