April 22, 2024

Tracking the Sureness of Projections

Tracking the Sureness of Projections

What makes us so sure of projections (predictions) into the future in certain particular horoscopes? –Isn’t it interesting that we don’t always feel that most-welcome sureness? What are the variables at work here that give us higher sureness one time and perhaps less sureness in another case?

I think there are three threads that go through the consultation that answer those questions:

First, there is client management of developmental tension through the past. In the consultation, discussing key points of development (particular Arcs and Transits) over the past, we learn where the client’s sensitive “buttons” are, how he/she has reacted when those buttons have been pushed.

Time after time, we can see the pattern of response with, say, Uranian or Saturn transits in fourth harmonic to the Sun; we can see patterns in correspondence to Neptunian contact with key horoscopic points. If we have a Piscean Moon of exquisite sensitivity, we can spot the pattern of responsiveness within this arena by checking out major developmental Arcs and transits to this Moon position; probably always involving House issues of the House ruled by the Moon, etc.. Soon we can anticipate behavior from other important “hits” upon this position.

We “aim” for certain key natal positions, to get this patterned response knowledge, in relation to the positions being activated in the near future that have been revealed in our preparation of the horoscope and our projections of it into time ahead.

Second, We must tie the anticipated behavior to the reality spectrum disclosed by the client throughout the consultation. Someone may have developed sickness or deep apathy (losing out on opportunities) time and time again during development whenever faced with a particular challenge. This pattern might be related to a Moon position, and that Moon position may reflect the mother’s hypochondriacal way of avoiding tension in the past Ö any challenge in the family that might have threatened her security, because of her personal make-up. The point is that the parental modeling has set a pattern for the son/daughter through the Moon symbology (and placement, etc.).

Our spotting this is extraordinarily important. Here is a reality formation that can be recognized, discussed, explored, and modified. This frees up fresh energy for new behavior and growth.

Anticipated behavior of a constructive nature (taking advantage time and time again of the 12-year Jupiter transit of the Sun Ö with its quadrature Ö or its transit of its own natal position), can be tied to reality structure as well. Whatever the client realistically projects for him/herself into the future can benefit so much from this foreknowledge based upon past response. The response has been proved: if the projection is practicable, the results gain enormously in sureness. Go for it!

Projections must be realistic. Just because you love the opera does not promise that you can be an opera singer; just because you feel things intensely doesn’t mean the poetry you have written is going to win a Pulitzer Prize. Is the projection realistic? Does it proceed with common sense to a new level of development, precedent for which you have seen before in the life?

A third dimension so very important to establishing sureness of projections is the involvement of the client. Indeed, the client will so often feel what’s coming; the keen-eared astrologer can hear the answers in the client’s questions! But, in practically all cases of change, life development requires the involvement of the client in learning and knowing how to do something, positioning him/herself strategically so that development is reasonable, and that there are eagerly applying energies to make the future happen.

Finally, the environment must be poised to cooperate with the projections of the client. The corporation must need your client’s talents for your client to be hired. No one can have a love affair with someone unless that someone is available and interested. No amount of supportive measurements, realistic thinking, and personal involvement can avert a down-sizing of a corporation affecting 15,000 employees or avoid an epidemic of one kind or another.

In such a case, transient setback most often is pushing the client into another realm, another level, another modality; and when this is discovered, a whole new life may beckon. Then, there are strategic concerns of the personal environment –the people around and dependent on your client-to support the new venture or not.

Change and growth are this dynamic; they are domino-like in accumulated effect. Most important is what is brought to the present from the past and how it is projected into what kind of future. -Seeing this as clearly as one can helps enormously with the perception of sureness and the explanation of strategy in the predictive closing section of a consultation.