April 22, 2024

Using the Essay Resources Creatively

Management of Measurement Constructs

Using the Essay Resources Creatively

To date, December 2003, this website has logged a 52-month history, with 330,000 visits to the site and Discussion Forum.

In each of this site’s three Essay Departments –Analytical Techniques, Counseling Insights, and Notebook— there are 48 Essays … each near 1,000 words in length. –Allow me to suggest, that there is not an astrological learning center anywhere in the internet world that can compare with that: some 144,000 words of highest quality learning, all carefully archived and immediately accessible non-commercially.

This month, in the “Counseling Insights” department, I have, for the first time, repeated two of the earlier essays, particular essays of particular power. I want us to see the dimensions of the sensitivity, information, and practical applicability here. –There should be more traffic with these Essay departments.

People are setting their “favorites” button onto the Discussion Forum, instead of onto the MENU page, so the Essays fade away to a back burner without regular reminder. There have been many occasions where interesting announcements could have been made –perfect for the MENU page but too easily cluttering the sleek Forum setting—which have not seen the light of day because people by-pass that page.

As well, people easily by-pass the learning.

I see questions being asked on the Forum that are answered within the essays archived so clearly. –Recent questioning about the “stuff” of Counseling, for example … Just see this month, “Counseling Insights.” And what about the recommended psychology reading lists and internet sources on Notebook (see Archive)?!

When I study, my mind likes to work this way: here we have 48 sets of three-essays each. If I take one set a day, print them out, read them over at three different times during the day, make notes of how to incorporate the knowledge into my astrological work … then, in just six weeks, look at how much my astrology will have grown!!!!

That’s the same way to think about the 144 Sun-Moon blends, for another example! If I take just three blends a day and really study them, think them through –and it helps to do this at several times during the day so the mind keeps on working to learn, independently while you’re doing other things—enter ideas and key-word concepts into a personal notebook, the information will become mine within six weeks!

One of the important things about learning is learning HOW to learn. Unfortunately, the computer screen doesn’t help with that process: there, we learn best dehumanizing speed and brevity.

I think we need to slow down so that we may make better progress; in the end, faster progress; for sure, definitive progress.

And the fascinating thing about this is that it costs nothing at all. In a way, that means the resources are invaluable!

–Thank you for enjoying the learning. I’m proud of the process … It pays off!!