April 22, 2024

Vocational Orientation-Reminders

Management of Measurement Constructs
Vocational Orientation-Reminders

Vocational Astrology and Medical Astrology are the most difficult areas of astrological study. We >I>think they should be “naturals within the astrological process, i.e., a symbolic profile for this or that profession, this or that disease, as we read in old textbooks. While sometimes this does occur analytically, the practice is rarely so simple. Much more is involved, especially in modern times when there are pronounced differences between professions and jobs, with many technical specializations possible, and among diseases increased in their drama and subtlety through the medical profession’s greater diagnostic capabilities.

When a daunting analytical complex faces us, we must remember fundamentals; we must return to the fundamentals for security, for finding the helpful pathway.

The Midheaven Orientation Surprisingly, many astrologers in a moment of bewilderment will forsake the Midheaven and hook deductions to some major aspect somewhere not involving the Midheaven in any way.

While contact between Mars (and sometimes Mercury) and Uranus “spell” technology and invention, they must be related somehow to the Midheaven, perhaps to the 3rd House as well, to define a cybernetic profession. When Neptune and or Venus become involved with the Mars-Uranus complex, and/or the Midheaven –and/or when there is a pronounced number of quintile aspects, we can expect computer design dimensions to come forward as professional outlet.

While contact among Venus, Neptune, Sun, Moon and involvement of Gemini often, more than one or two quintiles anywhere, we can expect high creativity, artistry of some kind. But without involvement one way or another with the Midheaven (direct aspect with the MC or with its ruler), this creativity may not be a profession, but, instead, a hobby. [Please see “Notebook” Archives: “Creativity and Aesthetics,” April 31, 2000, and “Brush Strokes”, January 30, 2000.]

The bottom-line fundamental is study the Midheaven FIRST; let your eyes follow the path from there. Then, study the condition of the ruler of the Midheaven and follow that path. Often the two paths converge.

For example: Beatle George Harrison [February 24, 1943 at 11:42 PM, GMD in Liverpool, ENG] had a Leo Midheaven with Pluto in conjunction (extraversion, public display). The ruler of the Midheaven, the Sun was squared by Saturn and Uranus in conjunction (the fight between conservatism and the avant garde, the conservative and the liberal, etc.). This gives us a start.

Neither the Sun nor Uranus is involved in any way with the Midheaven, but Saturn is sextile the profession point; we can say that Uranus is brought into that sextile by its conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is also trine Mercury, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto. In this way, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto AND the Midheaven are interconnected, with the Saturn-Uranus square with the Sun, ruler of the Midheaven as the kicker.

A profession profile could well be Pluto-Leo (public display, drama), Mercury-Neptune (creative artistic-oriented communication), and Saturn-Uranus (serious statement leading to new,avant gardeways). We get the “feel” clearly.

Saturn rules the 3rd (communication); Jupiter also rules the 3rd and is quindecile the Sun/Moon midpoint (determined, even compulsive communication about the rights and wrongs of things). Then, going further, we see Moon=Venus/Uranus, “New ideas for a new future.”

We add the always-helpful Moon House-position (see please, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology”, pages 427-551): for George Harrison, the Moon in the 1st, “doing one’s own thing” square the Pluto and MC position … and a portrait is exceedingly clear for an individualistically serious and avant garde communicator, with strong aesthetics and enormous public outreach in the mix!

–This is how step-by-step vocational study proceeds. It isn’t easy; it takes much experience; but keeping the process orderly helps enormously to dilute bewilderment.

Job or Profession? Many vocations (literally, “callings”) have specialized educational credentials attached to them. This makes the condition of the 9th House significator extremely important. Without a college education, the “profession viewpoint” is usually going to become “a job outlook.” This must be faced head on in our studies. It is much harder to see a job profile than the portrait of a profession.

Midheaven importance at the “job” level very often is a seasoning in the sauce rather than the main course itself: e.g., a hobbyist-musician has a job with support groups involved with a symphony orchestra or a band, but is not on the performing side of things. A erstwhile doctor or nurse-hopeful settles into first aid instruction in a corporate program or community health organization. A hopeful financier settles into being Treasurer of a construction company locally.

On the “job” level, it seems that the 6th House –the job environment comes into play. A small-town businessman with an 11th House Moon in Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus is extremely popular with everyone. The Moon rules his Cancer Midheaven where Neptune is conjunct, ruling the 6th. His most decided characteristic within and beyond his day-to-day business is helping others, being everyone’s listening post. It is a clear extension as well of his Sun in Aquarius quincunx his Midheaven and trine his Pluto. Venus ruling his Ascendant is in Pisces trine his Jupiter. –The point here is that all measurements start to say the same thing: benevolent caretaker, with a secure friendship base and business acumen.

**Be patient; progress step by step; don’t expect to zero in on every profile of every client, but do mark your progress. In a short while, you’ll be pleased with yourself!