April 22, 2024

What Can be; not what is!

Management of Measurement Constructs
What can be; not what is!

Astrology is still trying to develop out from under the fatalism blanket put upon it for oh-so long. –“Tell me what is going to happen.” THAT’s all too often the expectation, the burden put upon Astrology. And then, attempts to work this out bog down very, very quickly into difficult Fate vs Free Will arguments.

People want to receive a miracle. They don’t want to do much to attract it!

When I have to manage the issue, I change the verb, from what IS to what CAN BE. This is not dodging the bullet, so to speak; rather, it’s incorporating not only stalwart planetary symbology but also the developing human being; it is recognizing outer and inner environments.

Let’s think about someone down on his luck, so to speak, depressed and obsessively self-pitying about not getting professional opportunity, recognition, ascendancy. –Almost everyone sometime in his or her life will experience some of these feelings to one degree or another.

In the midst of this, astrology is having its say: SA Neptune-Mars are exactly square the Midheaven in August. –We know this suggests ego-wipeout, a powerful change of status, enormous upset of the status-quo. At the same time, SA Uranus q=Sun (Solar Arc Uranus quindecile Sun) adds intense ego-aggrandizement to salvage individuality under the huge pressures.

This is not a nice picture, but does it say that the man’s feelings of frustration, aggression, and hate would focus themselves in purposeful murder of others?

–Did Charles Manson (November 12, 1934 at 4:40 PM in Cincinnati) and his followers have to kill those 7 people? Would you ever dare say that the Astrology dictated the acts of murder in August 1969? Was the murder catharsis of personal pain supposed to happen?

[Remember that, at that time, there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people with similar measurement tensions! There was only one Manson.]

The only thing we can say responsibly is that Manson was in angry, depressed mental condition and his life was hitting bottom. Of course, fury and force would not be ruled out. –All of this is signaled by the astrology, BUT the outcome is focused through Manson’s personal development.

Manson could have gone for help with his distress. He had just been released from prison; he knew help of all kinds was available. But, instead, he gathered followers, set his rebellious course, and entered infamy.

Manson made a choice for rebellion born in his early development. The rebellion with which he had grown up was exceedingly painful. His was a “criminal personality.” He was the illegitimate son of a 16 year-old criminal mother (astrology shows her prominence dramatically through Manson’s Moon-Nodal axis conjunction, the Moon ruling the 4th, with Pluto there square to his Uranus!); his uncle committed suicide within a situation of frustration, etcetera, etcetera. –Manson’s horror was his individual response within astrologically depicted developmental challenge; it was not a specified product of the Astrology. It was what could be, not necessarily what was, what was supposed to happen.

If you have a client experiencing the astrological signal of transiting Saturn opposed his/her natal Pluto in the 2nd House, you necessarily consider financial difficulty.
–If your client has been lax with income tax reports in the years before, the difficulty may have to do with that! If your client has made risky investments, the ides of loss may have their say. But the only thing we can anticipate on this point is that there could well be financial difficulty. Common sense deduction then improves the focus.

The client doesn’t want to hear that! The client may look askance at you the astrologer for portraying such uncomfortable possibility. –You are supposed to say that all will be well.

But, realize that you are not saying that all will be bad! The astrologer is simply pointing out that, if developmentally there is soft ground under the financial building, that the building may experience a scary shift off its foundations. Within the scheme of things, this is signaled by the transit; things should be shorn up.

For almost 2 years now, I have been living well aware of what can be with transiting Pluto opposed my Ascendant. That awareness has pushed me to live as carefully and knowingly as I can, seeing my doctor every three months to ward off anything that might come forward (prevention is cure). It has worked: I am in excellent 73-year-old condition, weighing only 8 pounds more than I did 40-some years go, etcetera etcetera. –I’m proud of my astrology! Have I followed the signal of tr Pluto on the Ascendant-Descendant axis helpfully in my development?

AND, further with Pluto=Ascendant: don’t we owe it to common sense to relate that signal (and all others, of course) to a human being in due reference to the person’s age and social status? A 9-year old and a 70-year old will have totally different agendas within the scope of Plutonic statement. The inner environment (the person’s age and development, and condition) responds with the outer environment differently over the course of life. We know more and can quite possibly avoid killing people; we can keep our finances more tidy; we can stay healthy even in the midst of other change.

There is a point or reason within developmental press, not an across-the-board fearsome pronouncement of fate. And we must seek it out and present it with the utmost care for our words.

— Planetary portraits in the outer environment easily become directives, even laws that we enact in life, through our understandings, through our individualized behaviors from our inner environment. After all –remember– the planets areindeed within.