April 22, 2024

Whose Kingdom Comes?

Management of Measurement Constructs

Whose Kingdom Comes?

To set the scene of this “Notebook Study”, I am re-presenting some research and projections made by me in 1996, printed in 1997, Predictions for a New Millennium.

Prince Charles will not be King of England –There is an interesting set of astrological measurement variables that emerges from study of the horoscopes of the ten English monarchs from George II born in 1683 to Queen Elizabeth II. Charting five key measurements, 60% of all the monarchs had measurement one, 60% measurement two, 70% had the third one, and 40% and 30% had the next two, respectively. The startling observation in this overview is that Prince Charles, heir apparent to the throne, does not have any one of the measurement variables of the monarchs in his horoscope.

The variables: a strong contact between Saturn and Neptune (conjunction, semisquare, square, trine, or opposition; a contact that stands out among these horoscopes) 70%, perhaps capturing the sense of divine right (the trine was weakest in occurrence);

The Midheaven ruler engaged somehow with Jupiter, 60%(the classic success indicator, the monarchical suggestion); [just look at that MC emphasis in Prince William’s horoscope! … data below]

The Ascendant or Midheaven ruler retrograde, 40% (a search for a negative; but here, not clearly one, it seems); [again, see this in Prince William’s horoscope.]

A non-retrograde planet conjunct the Midheaven, 40% (5-degree orb; for Midheaven emphasis), significant but not dominant among the sample horoscopes;

A retrograde planet conjunct the Midheaven, 30% (perhaps suggesting the negative…) [Yet again, see Prince William.]

“Prince Charles is born to express life in the ‘grand manner.’ Yet, if the emotional component gets the upper hand in his life, the structure of it all will collapse. Charles desperately needs a sympathetic audience for his position in life to flourish, and this audience is not his estranged wife Diana and it is not his mother. The Queen dominates Charles, and he is forced to follow her way; privately, he retreats into a world of smoldering ambition in which he achieves a lone self-sufficiency.”

–Predictions within the same work named the times of Charles’ divorce and the “death in the royal family,” Diana.

Now in April 2005, we witness Charles marrying Camilla Parker Bowles. This begins a period of enormous change in the Monarchy, in Charles’ life and that of his elder son, Prince William. –Here are the major astrological guidelines that support this assertion:

Prince William (the older son) [June 21, 1982 at 9:03 PM GMD in Paddington, London] will have SA Mars conjunct his Midheaven at the end of 2006. At the same time, tr Pluto will be upon his Neptune and Ascendant. These are enormously reliable portents of a change in life status, almost supernaturally ordained(!). –This begins the tremendous time of change and development for him. He is the successor to Elizabeth.

The period extends to July-September 2009: SA Uranus=Ascendant with transiting Pluto square the Sun and transiting Uranus-Saturn square the Ascendant. –These are measurements of a tremendous new start as well.

At those same times, Prince Charles [November 14, 1948 at 9:14 PM GMT in London] early in 2007 shows transiting Saturn and Neptune square his Sun, ruler of his Ascendant. These strong transits usher in a colossal arc Saturn=Ascendant at the end of 2007, the very beginning of 2008, with the build-up of his second Saturn return and more. –This suggests a severely debilitated personality –by bureaucracy or illness … and a change of life level and direction.

In step with his son William, Charles shows in 2009 transiting Neptune square Venus, ruler of his 5th (the son) with transiting Saturn square his Sun, the final time. –We must remember that this time period for William will be certainly one of the biggest in his life, led by Uranus=Ascendant (see above).

The Queen [April 21, 1926 at 2:40 AM GMD in London] in 2006, along with Charles and William in their powerful times of development, shows the build-up of SA Saturn=Moon [self-control within ambition, loneliness] exact at the end of 2006 and early in 2007 with the powerful transit of Pluto square her Uranus all through 2007 (upsetting all that is in place). Additionally, she will have transiting Saturn square her Midheaven, exact the summer of 2007. Everything about succession should be changing then.

In 2009, it is as if all is done, accomplished: SA Jupiter=Moon as transiting Neptune squares her Midheaven (a melancholic fait accompli).

Afterthoughts: Camilla Parker Bowles [July 17, 1947 at 7:10 AM EET in London] shows transiting Pluto exactly opposite Uranus, ruler of her 7th, at this time of marriage to Charles, with transiting Saturn conjoining her Sun, ruler of her Ascendant. A perfect measurement profile for her marriage, after so much lifetime of “affair” tension.

But a little less than two years ago, in summer 2003, Camilla showed the Arc of Mars at the Ascendant, a very very demanding strain on the physical system. –The positive pole of this measurement guideline suggests “the fighting spirit”, Camilla’s staunch endurance in the constantly escalating exposure of her true relationship with Charles. The negative pole suggests serious health debilitation.

Reinforcing the negative side of the measurement, at the same time, transiting Neptune was opposed Pluto and transiting Saturn was conjoining the Moon, ruler of her 12th. These measurements would alert the astrologer to an evaluation of the health profile [see The Astrological Timing of Critical Illness].

This time of concern is linked to the times in late 2005, in July 2006, and in spring 2007. –In the first two time periods, transiting Saturn configures with Charles’ Sun/Moon midpoint (where Camilla’s Pluto finds itself) and, in the later time, there is the ominous arc of Pluto=Moon, ruler of her twelfth.

What tensions surround this couple still! –We must appreciate that should something befall Camilla, Charles would be distracted again to marital tragedy, and this dimension could underlie the succession rearrangements we can anticipate.

–We see change here and, as best I can see it, it is tied to succession.