April 22, 2024

ZZzzzp. There it is! Now What?

Management of Measurement Constructs

ZZzzzp. There it is! Now what???

A dramatic astrological measurement guideline can be like a surgeon’s scalpel, opening the body to expose a problem. –ZZzzzp, “Well, there it is!” The problem focus is exposed, and now what do you do?

So many astrologers cannot get past the measurement phase of our work, because they don’t feel fortified to relate these measurements to the human condition that is developing within time, THAT is the real challenge. To meet that challenge, I think we need to remember that what we know about life is more important than what we need to know about astrological guidelines.

Astrology does little more than reveal issues and time progress. While that is indeed considerable within the capabilities within the human sciences, it is PEOPLE who take over, and this takes astrological work to another level. We must humanize the measurements.

How do you manage discussion of emotional wounds and trauma, which could have hung around your client’s neck for some thirty years? –Astrological measurements, when you know your stuff, will profile them, but then what? Can you talk about interventions into debilitating routines to freshen up one’s approach to life?

What about intrusive partners, perhaps echoing intrusive parents? What about the elusiveness of relationship success?

What about sex therapy that may be needed: from managing childhood molestation concerns to satisfying communication with one’s adult partner? How do you enhance intimacy within marriage? How might you discuss weathering a storm or passing through a crisis eloquently suggested by astrological measurement but perhaps beyond your ken in practical, conversant remedial knowledge?

What do you know about managing aggression, how to explain displacement vectors (angry with oneself, taking out on someone else); how do you help your client convert that energy into something maximally and exhilaratingly productive?

How can you introduce the rewarding schemes of behavioral modification to make changing behaviors fun? To add powerful incentives to the process?

How do you lighten bereavement? How do you spot and suggest the link between mind state and ill health? What about fatigue as a retreat from stress?

OK. –We do need to know so much for our astrology to mean much in the consulting mode of our work.

We find this information through the literature of our sister-field of Psychology.

When you seek out the catalogues of specialty publishing houses (just pretend you’re looking for a new astrology book with a specialized focus) you will be intrigued with what deep learning is at your fingertips, about the human condition. You will then be able to bring enrich your astrological art.

Much of my book The Creative Astrologer is devoted to the therapy dimension in the “Single Session Therapy” format. Please pay special attention to the Bibliography, which I believe you will find most exciting.

May I recommend, please, www.brunner-routledge.com, a specialty publishing House for psychological-therapeutic books. Similarly: www.Jossey-Bass.com
Get their catalogues and study them.

Imagine studying one book a month on the particular kinds of issues you are attracting in your practice!

How full we must be. How rich we become.