I (Basil Fearrington)was introduced to astrology in 1967 at the age of 13 and was not impressed. I first saw a Noel Tyl book in 1975. At the time, his published books included, “The Horoscope As Identity,” and there was the 12-volume series, “The Principles & Practices of Astrology.” I opened Volume 5 and it was life-changing for me. I walked out of the store that day with all 12 volumes.

I made a consultation appointment with Noel in August,1976 and it was love at first sight for both of us. From that day going forward, we communicated constantly. He left the door open for me to contact him whenever I had a question. Not a day went by for a couple decades that I wasn’t studying his books and it paid off. By the 1990’s I was being published in the astrology magazines of the time and had grown so much that he asked me to take part in two of his books (Astrology Looks At History and Astrology of the Famed).

Then came the big one. It was March 1998. I received a call from Noel. In that call he explained to me that someone in Johannesburg wanted his approach to Astrology taught there. He asked me to do it. I said, “yes” in seconds (!!!) and was in South Africa from June 1998 through July 1999. As well, I spoke at UAC for the first of two times just before leaving for South Africa. While there, Noel asked me to write a book for the students. “The New Way To Learn Astrology” was published in 1999 by Llewellyn. Since returning from teaching in Johannesburg, I have continued teaching, doing lectures, etc.