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Title: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Halina on February 03, 2021, 03:53:33 PM
        This year's Super Bowl takes place in Tamp, Florida.      Kansas City is favored (odds 1.95), underdogs Tampa Bay (odds 2.60).
Game scheduled for 6:30 pm.    Pick a winner with a brief description of your method of prediction.     Quarterbacks are Mahomes, KC and
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay.    Home team?  well if the game is in Tampa and one of the teams is Tampa Bay, they could be considered the home team....
       Favorite KC gets 1st & 10th Houses and their rulers.....while Tampa Bay gets 7th & 4th Houses, considered their 1st & 10th Houses.
       My method uses 4 charts......chart 1, 6:30pm;  chart 2, 45 minutes later, usually the start of Quarter 2;   chart 3, 45 minutes later;   and
chart 4, 45 minutes after that.    So the times for the 4 charts are 6:30 pm EST, 7:15 pm, 8:00 pm, and 8:45 pm, game ending at 9:30 pm.
       On chart 2,3,4 we see Gemini, the twins on the MC, signifying "twin scores" as the game enters Quarter 4, really close, maybe overtime.
Moon joins Uranus for an upset..   Moon also joins Jupiter, Tampa Bay's, ruler of the 7th and 4th, which are Tampa Bay's 1st House and 10th house.
Jupiter is the Greater Benefic.....Tampa Bay wins the game.     They also benefit from a Jupiter Hour during the 2nd & part of the 3rd Quarter.
Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Dean B on February 03, 2021, 07:18:15 PM
Thanks so much, Halina, for these...knew you'd come through as usual for Super Bowl fun.

Just for the record, there are designated home vs. away teams for the Super Bowl...alternating between the AFC and the NFC.

Kansas City was the home team last year so the NFC winner, Tampa Bay, is the home team this year. This is irrespective of the geographic anomaly of the Bucs playing the game in their home stadium, which is technically treated as a neutral site.

Halina, you may want to adjust for this.

Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Steven7 on February 04, 2021, 12:06:26 AM
 2  great teams will slug it out.

I've had luck in the past with a glance at
  quarterback charts.
  I could be wrong of course but the Buccaneers,
 Brady's Ladies might not defeat  Patrick and
the Chiefs.
Stars look stronger for Patrick than Tom.
  The Chiefs won last  against San Francisco ,
 a great team.
 I wouldn't bet  on the outcome, sometimes there are
overlooked  things in the charts,
 50 years ago I bought a lottery ticket for 50 cents.,
a  great investment, I lost  but it was 50 cents
 well spent and I never wasted money on bets again.

I'll be very surprised if Tom, Gronk and the Buccaneers win.

Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Halina on February 04, 2021, 05:54:28 AM
Thanx Dean,   but I use Favorite gets first House and its ruler while Underdog, Tampa, gets 7th House and ruler.     I abandoned the
method Home Team gets 1st House years ago based on Frawley's book Betting on Sports games, baseball, football and cricket.
Frawley's book shows awesome results with this method.   So no adjustment.
Hi Steven, I was just reading about your method in Dell Horoscope, Feb 1996, using Halloran's plus versus minus aspects in a biwheel
for each quarterback.   The author said the method works 60 % of the time.   I see Dell Horoscope no longer publish, pity.
Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Dean B on February 05, 2021, 09:21:41 PM
The Super Bowl is more than just a football's a social event in every way.

Consider the parties, the tailgating, the half-time music show...and at home among friends and family with lots to eat, at bars, etc.

All of this curtailed somewhat because of Covid and social distancing.

So, the kickoff chart with a Moon-Saturn-Uranus T-square reflects this more 'somber' mood.

However, Moon (in Scorpio) opposite Uranus is highly rebellious; and Saturn square Uranus is dissent from the law.

So, it'll be interesting to see if there will be stories emerging in Tampa or at home that may involve prominent individuals flouting the rules.

Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: pdw on February 06, 2021, 10:34:14 AM
Hi Team Astrology, 

I got the notion to look at Tom Brady’s chart on the days of his Super Bowl losses. What reflects those losses? And is there anything similar in his chart on Sunday?

So a few notes on his Super Bowl loss dates:

Feb. 3, 2008 – Most significantly to me, this game was in the window of the Feb. 6 Solar Eclipse opposing Brady’s natal Saturn; with T Chiron-T Neptune-T Mercury R also opposing his Saturn – suggesting professional challenge, highlighted opposition, and lack of success, perhaps. According to wiki, the game was close with defense dominating until the Giants scored a winning touchdown late in the 4th. 

Feb. 5, 2012 – Exciting, potentially upsetting T Uranus-T Venus were squaring his natal Venus, ASC ruler. The Patriots were leading with a close score in the 3rd and the Giants scored game-winning touchdown late in the 4th.   

Feb. 4, 2018 – Again eclipsed, very personally, on Jan. 31 with the Lunar Eclipse conjunct his natal Sun (exact) – suggesting a sensitizing, unsettling, or uncomfortable spotlight on performance and inability to shine, perhaps.   

Well delving into his past was fun research, but, turns out, not much help to me for making a prediction this year — except to say the GOAT won’t have eclipse interference to worry about at this SB. ;)

Some ideas about his chart Sunday, with:

- A T Mars trigger squaring his natal Sun-Saturn being highlighted by a T Sun-T Mercury opposition – troubling, challenging, fierce competition.

- T Saturn-T Venus-T Jupiter are squaring his natal Uranus being opposed by T Uranus (conjunct Chiron) and they are opposing his natal Sun – that’s a transiting Fixed Grand Cross potentially reflecting dynamic tension in a test of the GOAT’s reputation (T Saturn) up against young standout Mahomes and team (T Uranus), presenting a fun, rewarding and potentially celebratory opportunity for Brady (T Jupiter). [Seeing T Jupiter opposing his natal Sun made me wonder what was happening  the last time Jupiter was in this position in February 2009 – something personally significant? Yes, very! But not a Super Bowl (Brady was injured and didn’t play 2008 season and his team didn’t make it to SB). He asked Gisele Bundchen to marry him in February and they were married 10 days later on February 26, 2009.]

-What to make of the tight transiting Chiron-natal Moon conjunction that activates his natal yod – Moon|Uranus-Mercury? I thought about increased sensitivity and intuition related to his Numero Uno instincts, training, and drive (6th House Aries Moon rules MC), extraordinary sports play (angular 1st House Uranus rules his 5th House), deft preparation and perception (Mercury in Virgo). I’m not that familiar with Chiron and would be interested in how others interpret this. Could this suggest  a rise in emotions, love, and connection to others with a win? Or painful realization, mental or physical, with a loss or injury?   

Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: pdw on February 08, 2021, 05:50:09 AM
Bucs 31 – Chiefs 9 - Congrats on your winning prediction, Halina!

Ouch, quite the upset and defeat, and humbling, I imagine, for Patrick Mahomes, who has been called genius, brilliant, and magic. Last night his natal Scorpio Mars-Neptune square was highlighted and under tight tension from transiting Saturn-Venus-Jupiter and transiting Uranus. I heard this reflected in his comments after the game: They beat us pretty good, the worst I think I’ve been beaten in a long time…I didn’t execute at a high enough level…Obviously it (loss) hurts right now…a lot. But we’re going to continue to get better.

Yep, a Saturn failure can be hard but positively instructive.
Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: bjorkstrand on February 08, 2021, 11:55:21 AM
she's just a brady fan, lol,_Tom
Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Dean B on February 08, 2021, 01:47:48 PM
Brady has Mars ruling the DSC…

1) Mars opposition Neptune

2) Mars is disposited by Mercury at the apex of a T-square with Mars-Neptune.

Gisele is a former model and the Brady marriage, itself, has taken on an ethereal, mythmaking vibe, covered endlessly by the media (Mercury r. 9).

Dean B.
Title: Re: Super Bowl 55: Place Your Bets
Post by: Steven7 on February 08, 2021, 07:02:20 PM
 Congrats Halina, great call on this one.

I dunmessed up big  time. I need to see where I went off the reservation

   7 superbowl wins, that makes Tom the Lord of the Rings..