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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Uranus the atomic bomb
« Last post by Francine on Today at 09:16:58 AM »
Explode is right. I’ve been crying everyday for since I realized my 14 Taurus ascendant is being it and taking out my 65 year old sister-n-law, my 30 yr old daughter and her 29 year kid husband (I expect a car wreck) and my 63 year old husband. SIL has cancer since Jan 2020, husband had hypertensive episode with droopy mouth on July 10 with another episode 2 weeks later. Monday he will die while getting an angiogram. My daughter and husband will die Oct 5th. She is here visiting and will leave today. She came bcuz of my depression in order to help out and get me to seek help which consisted of “do something nice for someone today” or “take up a hobby” or “go pickup your neighborhood park”!!!

No one understands astrology, they think it is voodoo. My husband’s ascendant is 22 Libra, 26 Cap mid heaven. Daughter has 27 Gem ascendant with 9 Pisces mid heaven. I would never have thought it was her or my husband except solar arc Mars is 13 Pisces and that is SIL’s Venus and 13 Leo is her Jupiter and will melt it right down. Her husband is 13 Aquarius. My husband will die and his 10 Cap Mars (seen in her chart as 10 Aries mid heaven. My SA ascendant is her Draconian Sun at 20 cancer and square my 20 Libra Mercury. . Her husband is 20 Cap sun.

There is so much more I could add so please ask and pray for me as next year it is my 35 year old son and my brother, my husbands sister and his older brother and my sister. I am 28 Leo Pluto so it should be me. I am 25 Leo Jupiter so it should be me. But son is 25 Cancer Sun which makes a full moon and the end of things for hm. 27 Sag (my Neptune is 27 Libra) is in between with 14 Pisces Mars (my 14 Taurus ascendant) but SIL will probably take a bit longer to die than my husband and daughter. I don’t see any death for me ever, ever after this as the numbers have all been taken.
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Eugene Vidocq
« Last post by Halina on Today at 07:58:17 AM »
Thanx Jim, here is his transition triwheel according to's birth time of 2 am.
Wiki says either 23rd or 24 of July......Jim what day did use???
July 24 works well in his triwheel.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Uranus the atomic bomb
« Last post by Halina on Today at 06:17:21 AM »
       Hi Best Granny, look at the chart of Brian Laundrie.....Uranus on his MH, emotional instability.    See his case in the Famous People
section of this site re Gabby Petito case.
General Astrology Discussion / Uranus the atomic bomb
« Last post by bestgranny on Today at 12:40:31 AM »
How many of you have had the atomic bomb of URANUS explode in your family birth charts. 4 of my 6 grandchildren are scorpio  taurus suns or asc or moon. my DIL has her sun and mars conj. at 14 scorpio in 5th i have taurus MC with mars. and son has taurus 5th house with jupiter which trines 5 other lanets. yet this   Planet has brought devistation to my family. Anyone else had this, someone must have earlier on how long will it last.
General Astrology Discussion / Australia's record quake
« Last post by rollanrm on September 22, 2021, 08:57:58 PM »
Yesterday 22nd Sept, Australia experienced its strongest recorded quake of 5.9  centred at Mansfield to the north of Melbourne, Victoria at 9.15 am. There was some, but minima,l damage in Melbourne but the force was felt in several states. To stress here is that surely the event certifies the chart for Australia promoted (with minimal success, alas) by the late Marie Chesleigh. She took the opening rather than the closing of the ceremony for the foundation of the Federation on Jan 1st 1901 at 1pm in Sydney, with 22.07 Aries rising. The quake hit yesterday with Pluto at 24.22 Cap which is conjunct/opposite the MC/IC axis at 24.23 Cap/Canc (also Mercury was on 24.05 Libra in square).

This btw does not imply that the beginning rather than the end of ceremonies is automatically more potent and should always be used. Working with a Jewish contact Marie did meticulous research on Israel’s astrology and was convinced the true emotional and symbolic moment was the end not the beginning of the declaration broadcast for modern Israel’s foundation in May 1948.
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Eugene Vidocq
« Last post by bjorkstrand on September 22, 2021, 06:00:42 PM »

he was born at 2 am. thanks to sinbad at
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Eugene Vidocq
« Last post by Halina on September 22, 2021, 02:43:37 PM »
tHANX JIM,  here's his rectified triwheel.
So his "loss" came into the form of not being able to get a majority government...
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Election
« Last post by Dean B on September 22, 2021, 11:45:19 AM »
Well, you cannot get any more status quo than these results with practically the exact same seat totals as the last election.

Dean B.

Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Gabby Petito
« Last post by pdw on September 22, 2021, 07:19:05 AM »
Yesterday the FBI confirmed that the body definitely is Gabby Petito and the cause of death is homicide. Their announcement also included her birth date which confirms the one that we’ve been using.   

One potentially significant factor I’ve been thinking about for Brian Laundrie, who has a Scorpio Sun, is his eclipsed natal Pluto, in Sagittarius…generally suggesting the possibility of forceful, extreme, or life-changing tension during this period with his Sun's ruler in emphasis.

As a backdrop to their trip, the lunar eclipse in late May was conjunct his natal Pluto, perhaps surfacing and increasing his involvement with intense emotions, ego conflicts, and the need to responsibly manage and control a desire to dominate others. 

Eclipsed planets can be sensitive to and triggered by transit contacts, as his eclipsed natal Pluto was in August:

-On Aug. 12 they were stopped by the police and questioned about a domestic incident. There were August transits in Virgo (raising nerves and fault-finding?), and in particular needling, physical T Mars was squaring his natal Pluto. They and the police minimized this incident. Though in hindsight it seems an indication that all was not well in their relationship…perhaps unhealthy and dangerous, in fact.

-Then, during August 26-27 (when Gabby went missing, from what I can tell) there were still transits in Virgo, especially highlighted with T Sun closely squaring his N Pluto which was being opposed by the transiting Node. That presents s a thought-provoking spotlight on his relationships and the possibility of a significant ending, separation, or death.   

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