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Astrology, Predestination and Free Will.
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Astrology, Predestination and Free Will.

The above link was first posted by “Trois-Rivieres” in a (now deleted) post with a similar title. The author of the featured article, Pablo Ianiszewski, states that “a reasonable perspective is possible, to reconcile both extremes”, the extremes being Predestination and Free Will. His final two paragraphs(below) sum up his argument:

To explain the relationship between astrology, predestination and free will I usually use an analogy. Suppose we sail at sea. Our ship is exposed to the impulse of the marine currents and the winds, which drag it in a certain direction. They are the forces of destiny signed in the stars. However, as captains of the ship we can take the situation and be responsible for the ship, take the helm of the will and direct the sails of the intellect, using the winds and currents in our favor, in order to reach the desired port. Because navigating safely involves a good deal of knowledge, it is a good idea to have the navigation maps provided by astrology.

In this way, our attitude towards the inevitable depends completely on us, and that action is conditioning the possibilities of expression of our own destiny, so that we are not passive puppets moved by the threads of doom. On the contrary, we are participatory agents in the configuration of destiny, determining a part of it by the exercise of our degree of freedom in choosing our actions against the manifestation of the predestined. Then, that the universe is subject to determinism simply means that it is intelligible, by presenting an identifiable and understandable order for the intellect. Finally, it is important not to forget a fundamental principle. Fate, from the metaphysical point of view, must be transcended. Hence the search for platonic anabasis, that ascent of the soul through the seven planetary spheres to reach the empyrean, beyond the Saturn region, where time does not exist and therefore, the Ananke no longer rules. That is the final goal – or destiny – to which every man and woman should direct their ship.

The problem I have with this, and similar arguments, is the assumption that the astrologer fully understands Astrology. He does not; neither do I. I may have a ‘better than most’ understanding of Astrology’s structures but the fundamental processes that shape time, observed through astrological effects, are still beyond Human comprehension. Since boyhood, ‘Life’ has been feeding me clues as to the nature of reality, showing me that ‘the future’ is known. Here’s one particular precognitive experience I had, at the height of the Pluto-in-Scorpio/psychic development period of my life, mentioned elsewhere, that sheds light on the nature of causality and predestination.

One Sunday in the late ‘80’s, I was walking along the coastal road connecting the estuary towns of Musselburgh and Prestonpans on the southern bank of the River Forth, South-East Scotland, not far from Edinburgh. It was a bright sunny day which made the sight of a fog bank, on the far side of the river, quite surprising. I was even more surprised when I caught sight of a naval ship, half-hidden by the fog, bows at an acute angle to the downstream bank—exactly as it had appeared in a dream about two and a half months previously! A few yards further on I realised I was close to the spot where, two days prior, the body of a woman had been found—a victim of murder. Simultaneously, I was recalling the corresponding dream component, notable for the confused emotional state I remembered being in, (within the dream) expecting to find something gruesome in the undergrowth, but not quite knowing what. All that was missing from the dream was the fact that a murder had taken (was to take?) place.

The precognitive event (a detailed dream) was causal in producing the perplexed emotional state I found myself in, during the actual event—but that confused state was also a feature of the precognitive event—the effect was included in the cause! Another way to think about this is that the future brought it self into being—what I’ve previously called the Alpha-Omega proposal, a kind of reverse causation. You can see this operating historically within the Judaeo-Christian tradition, through information being given to prophets and teachers, in order to further Human evolution. The future is forever leaking into the present, and it does so within the framework of Astrology’s structures—creation proceeds along a road sign-posted by Astrology, as evidenced by ‘The Ages’. At no time have I been in possession of enough information to modify any ‘future’ event—there are always vital details missing. Perhaps this will change when, and if, Human beings are sufficiently evolved to be trusted with ‘the future’? Definitely not in my lifetime!

Given what is written above it would seem that ‘Free Will’ is merely an illusion. Like everyone else I feel that I’m consciously directing my own actions, such as composing and writing this text. The separation between the conscious and the non-conscious world allows us to feel like free agents. During psychic development, a bridge is built between these separated levels, allowing some limited access to information about the greater reality—on a ‘need to know’ basis. Try as I might, “I”, seemingly, don’t need to know the full picture—much to my frustration! I’ve gathered enough knowledge through experience to offer a comprehensive review of Astrology and its relation to reality. Hopefully, that will be completed within this coming year.