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Fatal Covid-19 Case, Male 54
« on: March 20, 2021, 10:55:22 AM »
        Irmao Lazaro, 54, was a gospel singer and politician.    He died from corona virus on March 19, 2021, in Brazil.    Below is his rectified natal, inner wheel of his death triwheel.
        At 54 years of age, this activated his 15 to 17.5 Leo/Aquarius axis, and trans Avicenna, contagious Covid, was at 17Aquarius while trans Koch,
contagious disease, was at 17Leo, both being squared by Solar Arc Uranus, a sudden, unexpected stroke of fate and Solar Arc Saturn, in 1st.
        Saturn/Uranus is Cheyne-Stokes' breathing---unrhythmical processes.   When a person is just hours from death, you will notice changes in their breathing:  The rate changes from a normal rate and rhythm to a new pattern of several rapid breaths followed by a period of no breathing (apnea).   This is known as Cheyne-Stokes breathing—named for the person who first described it.
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