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Male, 71, Pancreatic Cancer
« on: April 27, 2021, 04:40:08 AM »
        Former Dunedin mayor Dave Cull has died after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the Otago Daily Times understands. He was 71.

Cull was diagnosed in October last year and received chemotherapy treatment.

He had been diagnosed with a tumour on his pancreas earlier that month and told the Otago Daily Times he knew then he was likely to face a tough journey ahead.   Here's a link to TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR.......

He spent about five weeks in hospital earlier this year before being discharged in March.

He then spent four nights at the Otago Community Hospice in Dunedin before returning home.

He had three terms as mayor and decided not to seek re-election in 2019, opting instead to pursue a position on the Southern District Health Board.

Cull was elected and then appointed chairman in December 2019, but his stint with the board lasted only until October last year, because of the health challenge he faced.    In his last Converse Lunar Return, LR Mars, ruler 6th of illness, at 22 degrees, exactly conj 4th cusp.
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