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RETURN to "Solar Returns"!
« on: July 01, 2021, 05:18:07 PM »
This is a follow-up to my post of last year at this time:

I had another solar return today and I thought I would revisit the thread (with predictions) about last year’s solar return.  On the whole this last year was pretty frustrating.  Is that what the sun in the 12th house in a solar return chart predicts?  You may remember that last year I had begun doing some work on my apartment.  It has been stalled for a long time.  I had been ordered to remove a sleeping loft from my bedroom.  At the end of July the guys doing the work notified me that there was asbestos in the walls and ceiling of that room.  I notified the landlords.  Asbestos is a banned substance and must be removed or sealed off.  “They” (what I really mean is the crazy woman who is the building manager—the other owners have hired her to deal with hassles) dragged their feet on this for FOUR MONTHS.  It was not completed until November!  I also had hernia surgery on November 11th.   November was also significant in that I found out about the death of the person who was probably the best friend I ever had.  I had known him since 1965 when we were both teenagers.  One of these days I’ll post his chart and tell you about him.  He was a mad genius.  The madman part of him struggled with the genius part all his life.  He had actually died the previous February, but I didn’t find out about it until November.  Like virtually everybody else, it was a lonely year for me because of the pandemic.  I got both Covid vaccinations in February.  February also brought a pleasant surprise.  In 1976 I did a TV show for PBS that I assumed was just “lost.”  It was never released on DVD or brought back in later years.  But a fan tracked down a copy and put it on YouTube.  It was really good for me because I was afraid that I would cringe all the way through it.  Things aren’t always the way you remember them.  But I was relieved that I still thought my performance was good.  If I did not become more successful as an actor, it wasn’t because I wasn’t any good.  I post a link to it if you’re interested.
Probably the biggest event of the year occurred on March 13th when I took a bad fall while taking a brisk walk on the streets of New York.  I basically took a nose dive onto the sidewalk.  (Note that Mars was on the MC of the solar return chart.)  I looked pretty beat up after it happened—blacked both my eyes, broke my nose, and fractured the C5 vertebra in my neck.  I healed pretty quickly.  The broken nose is barely noticeable, if at all.  I still don’t have the complete range of motion in my neck, but I believe that with time I’ll get it back.  I’ve made progress on DANCES FROM NEPTUNE, but I still haven’t finished it.  In May my gym re-opened and I’ve been able to work out again.  It has been distressing to me because I have lost a great deal of strength and stamina.  I hope I’m able to get it back, but at this age, I may not.  At the same time, I decided to abstain from pot.  During the pandemic I got stoned a lot and I believe that this contributed to my fall.  I’ve been dried out since May 22nd, but I still feel drugged.  I’m seeing the doctor next week.  I suspect that one of the blood pressure medications I’m taking may be responsible.

I’m planning a trip to Texas for my family reunion at the end of July.  This is important to me and I was really saddened that we didn’t get to have it last year.  I booked my flight yesterday.  The landlords are supposed to do some electrical work on my bedroom while I’m away.  (Given the crazy woman’s history, I have my doubts that it will be completed.  She will have some excuse.)  Then I want to move forward with the rest of the work on my apartment.  I’m planning a trip to Spain in September. 

One of the comments last year was about my sister (whose mental health I’m concerned about).  She’s having an operation on her parathyroid in August, which we’re hoping will help her emotional state.

I hope this has been of some value to you.  My new solar return looks much more promising!
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Re: RETURN to "Solar Returns"!
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Great research material, crabman, thanks. I may study more closely and post later.