Author Topic: Secrets and Surprises of the Harpazo Zone  (Read 254 times)

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Secrets and Surprises of the Harpazo Zone
« on: July 02, 2021, 04:41:27 AM »
I wrote the paragraph below  in relation to the asteroid Fini (Fr finite, finished) in a recent blog article called “Secrets and Surprises of the Harpazo Zone”. This is just a sample from  the feature which is about a run of discoveries beyond just the workings of Fini. It is however a bit too long to reproduce here so I must give a link    But I do recommend going  there to read  and maybe comment here on relevant points  as some things  uncovered are topical and generally useful. If the findings  surprise you, they surprise me no less.

Over two thousand years ago at Christianity’s Pentecost birth in AD 30, two then unseen, unnamed asteroids, Ratzinger and Fini were conjunct at 24 and 25 of shocks and surprises sign Aquarius. Back in 2013 when the sun was at 22 Aquarius and for the next few days as it transited to 25, the world was abuzz with news, conspiracy theories and wide ranging speculation about the unprecedented resignation from papacy of Pope Benedict. It was such an “Aquarian” event that even St Peter’s basilica  was struck by lightning amid a storm at 6 pm a few hours after the initial announcement…...