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The Washington Monument Lightning Strike
« on: August 17, 2021, 03:51:00 PM »
Since no one else is noting  the point  at this time of international crisis due to Afghanistan, I feel I had better put  something on record. The Washington Monument was hit by lightning early last Sunday 15th. I can’t find a report of the exact time, but someone sent a vid as early as 1 am. I had set a chart for as early as 12.30 am which supplies an ascendant of 4 Gemini. But we may guess the time was later and nearer to 1 am with 8 Gemini  rising to agree with the national Uranus at 8 Gemini (in the national 8th house for those of us who favour the Scorpio rising pattern. That pattern gives a 16 Leo leadership MC, and, suitably for this time of mega criticism of President Biden, the prior lunation had fallen on 16 Leo).

I was particularly interested to cast a chart because of what I had to say about asteroid Fini (Fr Finished, finite) in my blog article.  I suspected something significant might show up and on the 15th  the asteroid Fini was at 21 Leo (a critical and often negative degree), the Sun at 22 Leo.

The following comments from an Israeli and would-be prophetic standpoint at   
rather woke me up to the historic moment we seem to be at, and what’s likely next. Apparently China reckons Taiwan is next. America had better watch itself. Asteroid China is natally conjunct its Saturn and the lunation of October  conjuncts there. Obviously more would be and is involved I needn’t get into here, but frankly if there is to be any WW111 started through Taiwan, then look to crisis soon and in October. I suspect the Monument lightning is a real wake up omen for America and the world.