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Nov 15, 1777
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12:46 P.M. LMT (rectified by David Solte)

For David Solte’s excellent explanatory article about the chart, see


13 American soldiers murdered @ Kabul airport, more than a thousand Americans trapped behind enemy lines

Tr Saturn Rx @ 8 27 Aquarius in the 12th (!) house exactly square natal Saturn @ 8 16 Scorpio and square natal Mercury @ 9 42 Scorpio, both in the 9th (!) house

Tr Pluto Rx @ 24 41 Capricorn in the 12th house square natal Venus @ 23 16 in Libra in the 8th house, sextile natal Sun @ 23 46 Scorpio in the 9th house, inconjunct natal Jupiter @ 25 45 Leo in the seventh house, 3 degrees 20 minutes from exact 12th house Pluto Return @ 28 01 Capricorn (next spring)

n.b.: so Tr Pluto closely aspects both ends of the natal Scorpio Sun-Leo Jupiter square from the 7th house to the 9th house. And so does Tr. Jupiter.

All three 9th house planets (Sun, Mercury, Saturn) are stressed by transiting Saturn or Pluto.

Also note that in 1967-68 — years most closely resembling the last two years — Tr. Neptune conjoined the natal Sun (Noel:“Wipeout”) and squared Jupiter.

Tr Jupiter Rx @ 26 21 Aquarius in the first house opposite natal Jupiter @ 25 45 Leo in the seventh house and square natal Sun @ 23 46 Scorpio.

Tr Mars = natal Saturn/Pluto (Ebertin: “Brutality, assault or violence, ruthlessness. The necessity to fight for one’s existence or life, maltreatment.”)

Tr Saturn = natal Sun/Venus
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